Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hard Work Can Bring Good Results

Sometimes it is true,hard work does pay off. I have been working hard on my zazzle gallery. With all the competition out there sometimes you may think it is not worth your while. But I am a person who doesn’t give up too easily. I remember when I first began my family tree,and I was looking for this birth of one of my ancestors,and he was a hard person to find. Every day I would go to the center and look, and look. I did not know this at the time but the president of the center was watching me and he later told me he was expecting me to give up anytime, but I never did and yes I did find my ancestor. So my gallery is the the same, I started not having a clue what I was doing, and even know there are lots of things I have not learned yet, but I keep trying and anyway the day before yesterday I received an email saying I had been given the zazzle artist award for my beautiful Flower Girl Mousepad. I was so surprised. ME ? Winning a zazzle artist award? Well you can bet that I am honored, so this award gave me more of a reason to keep on going. And some sales to go along with my award sure made my day. So yesterday I added some products with my Pigeon image as you can see above. I am proud of my achievements. If you want to see more of my products including my Flower Girl Mousepad that won the award go to* And if you get discouraged about anything, do not give up, keep on going, eventually all your work will pay off.
Well here it is Sunday, and it is overcast,feels a lot like rain. I have been adding more names in my Legacy Family Software, I have lots of names done and lots more to do. These are names in my family tree in case you don't know what Legacy is. I love the program ,I find it is so easy to understand. So am off to do some more.
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