Friday, April 09, 2010

Genealogy Awards

Well I was in for a surprise last night when I checked my mail and lo and behold there was a comment on my last blog from Terri at The Ties that bind, she bestowed me with this beautiful Ancestor Approved Award. I am honored to receive it. I now have to list ten things about my ancestors that surprised me, enlightened me somehow. Then I will award ten more genealogy bloggers with this award. That is going to be hard to do seeing as there are so many great bloggers out there. Back to my ancestors.
1.I was surprised to learn that my great grandfather changed his name from Bristol to Williams, found his marriage as Williams could not find his baptism, then I found it under Bristol.What a surprise.
2. I was excited after doing years of searching for my Abraham Chase who came from England and married an Acadian Lady, I searched all over , wrote to England ,this was before I had a computer, and I received replies, saved all my letters but no sight of my Abraham, one day I looked into the land grants and didn't I find him as having land near Richiboucto Village and I spotted his surname CHATE,not Chase, nor Kess, but Chate, and then I went to the Mormom site and found his birth in England.
3.Now Abraham Chate dit Chase was the son of one Abraham Chase and Nanette Rose according to their marriage, so since I have been looking for over 30 years, imagine my surprise about one month ago when I found the marriage of Abraham Chate and Ann Bennett in 1790 in London, if you can imagine an English gentleman marrying a french girl and the priest has to write down his information, he probably went by soundex, Nanette - Bennett??? Chate - Chase.
4.Took me around 25 years to find one date of death for my great grandfather,his son had told me he died in 1942, I searched all the 1942 french and english paper to no avail, then the New Brunswick Provincial Archives went online, and yessssss found him in 1933.
5.Another thing that really made me feel good was finding my mother in law's parents marriage, the relatives told me they never married, my mother in law had passed away, after searching for a long time I came upon their marriage while helping someone else.
6. My ancestor Barthelemy Bergeron dit Damboise was captured and held prisoner in Boston and was one of the first Acadians to be released, the story is interesting, he was brought to shore by longboat by the English.
7.My same Ancestor Barthelemy Bergeron dit Damboise fought under Iberville, and I remember learning about Iberville in school.
8.Another surprise was my parents married twice, once protestant then catholic and my mom was only thirteen and a half years old.
9. Surprised to find an old movie at the genealogy center taken in 1937 by a priest doing his country rounds and lo and behold there was my Mom age 17 and so very pretty and my dad 9 years older who looked just like one of my brothers, and to see them moving around  plus my dad's grandmother also in the movie.
10. Finally so very happy that my Mom has such a good memory, she will be 92 next month and she has shared so many of her childhood memories with me, which I have put in a book I made and given it to my grandaughter.
Now I am passing this award to ten more genealogy bloggers.Elizabeth Lapointe ,Brain Murray,John Reid,Erline Bradt,Janes your aunt,Brenda Merriman,Elise Cole,Michael Brophy,a couple of bubbles,Joual.
Have a great day everyone
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BDM said...

Thank you for the award, Aline! I'm sure my ancestors thank you too. Maybe I can try to live up to it with ten things :-)
I'm glad I "found" your blog!

alineskee said...

Brenda you are welcome I am glad I found your blog too, well done

Maria said...

you do good work Aline and deserve all the awards you have been given with through the years.