Saturday, April 03, 2010

About Scotland

Scotland is part of the United Kingdom. Sharing a border to the south with England, to the north and west with Atlantic Ocean to the east with North Sea and to the southwest with the Irish Sea. Scotland consists of around 790 Islands. Now many Scots left their homeland for places such as Nova Scotia where the first Highlanders arrived in Pictou on th Hector in 1773 .In Ontario the first major Scottish settlement was in Glengarry established in 1784 .They came from Inverness-Shire. There were many famous folks who were Scottish. The two first Canadian Prime Ministers John A MacDonald and Alexander MacKenzie were from Scotland. Other famous people who originated from Scotland or were descendants of Scots were Alexander Graham Bell inventer of the telephone, Robert Burns, Robert the Bruce (king), Sir Walter Scott, and we cannot forget the Loch Ness Monster Nessie who came from Loch Lomond.
The Scottish people had their own clans that gave them a sense of identity and shared descent to folks in Scotland. Every Clan had its own tartan patterns, some had more than one tartan. They would wear their tartans on their kilts, ties,scarves or other clothing.
The first record of a CRAWFORD tartan was that of Crawfovrd which appeared int eh Vestiarium Scoticum manuscript in 1642. The tie image above is that of the Crawford Tartan.
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Terri said...

I have awarded you the "Ancestor Approved Award" for you interesting blog. You can pick it up on my blog - "The Ties That Bind". Terri

Anonymous said...

Loved reading this... thankyou!

Michelle xxx

Anonymous said...

I meant to say though... the Loch Ness Monster Nessie lives in Loch Ness... not Loch Lomond! ;-)

Please carry on your great work with this blog, it's so interesting and I love reading it - Dad sent me the url ages ago and even though I sometimes don't log on for a few weeks, it's lovely to come and catch up when I do!

Michelle xxx

alineskee said...

Michelle thank you and I stand corrected about Loch Ness, grin, it sure would be nice to go up that way and stop by a certain families home, smile. Hope all is well and I am so pleased that you are stopping by.