Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Something important happening at Grand Pre Nova Scotia

This is an event you don't want to miss. I would love to be there.
On September 5 2010 the Grand Pre Society is looking for volunteers for an Historical re-enactment of the assembling of 418 men and boys in the the Grand Pre Church on September 5 1755. At three o'clock in the afternoon on September 5, Lieutenant Colonel John Winslow read the order of the Deportation to the 418 Acadian men and boys who were being held prisoner in the church at Grand Pre which had been transformed into a command post.And so began the deportation of the inhabitants of the Grand Pre region. The last transport ship left Minas Basin on December 20 1755.
What was the size of the former Grand Pre church? The answer to this question will open more trails for the archeologists and historians who for centuries have been looking for traces of the ancient church Saint Charles des Mines in Grand Pre.
To attempt to answer this question, the Promotional Society of Grand Pre are organizing an activity that will allow the people to visualize the size of the church all the while participating in the living story. We know that 418 men and boys were in the church under the orders of Winslow when he gave the order with the assitant of an interpreter. Around 200 of these Acadians were held prisoner in the church for one month, while the others were held on board vessles.
The Society wants to recruit at least 418 persons who would like to participate in this historical re-enactment to be held in the Grand Pre church .Also present will be an archeologist,a historian and a photographer documenting this event. This living history re-enactment will be held in Grand Pre Sunday September 5 2010. The entrance to the national historical site of Grand Pre will be free for everyone. The people will be asked to present themselves at 130 pm so that they can be ready for 3 oclock for the annual lecture reading of the Order of Deportation. The ones participating are encouraged to wear a costume but it is not obligatory. The meeting will be followed by a commemorative walk from Grand Pre to the Deportation Cross around 2 km.
All the families wanting to participate are invited to sign up ahead of time.Send an email to For more information on the activities taking place you can go to .
A brief rundown:
Everyone gathers in the church, they are trying to get the exact amount of people that was in the church.
At 3pm someone representing John Winslow will read the Order of Deportation followed by the raising of the flag.
At 3.30 pm  a Commemorative walk from the Memorial church to the Deportation Cross.
This is an event you don't want to miss, so mark the date down, and if you want to partipate send an email to the above address.
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