Friday, April 23, 2010

Who is P'tit Francois and what Contest?

Hello everyone,today I was thinking about what I could blog about . Sometimes I
have tons of ideas and topics today it is early so the topics are few . grin.
So what about P'tit Francois? Well first of all P'tit Francois is a weekly storyline in the french L'Etoile paper in New Brunswick Canada ,it is written by Everard Maillet who speaks as if he is P'tit Francois. P'tit Francois is an Acadian man who lives in Bouctouche Bay (Fond de la Baie). He was living alone in his cabin and along comes two widows complicating his life. One is Rose Smallwood who comes from Montreal and the other one is Edmee who comes from Memramcook.Both women has their eye on P'tit Francois. The article is in French and I have been given permission to translate it to English on my website at .  When you get to my site the first page automatically switches to the page with the sidebar on the left side, you will see P'tit Francois ,click there and the newest story will be the last one . This week's story is titles" Ate too much spaghetti.".  And this week P'tit Francois has started a Mother's Day Contest you can read about it on my website . Anyone can enter ,and one entry per person.What I like about the contest it that we have to write a couple of sentences about why we love our Mothers or why she was special to us. I hope you will stop by Acadian-Roots and read his little stories. The french version is much better than the english version because he uses slang, I try to translate as best I can.
Now changing the subject how do you like my MOUSEHEAD shirt? smile. Yesterday I went in my gallery and  looked over in my tee shirt folder, and I didn't realize I had so many funny t-shirts there, some for ladies and some for men. I hope you will check them out also check out to see if there is something there to give to your MOM. I have mugs, posters,hats,aprons,greeting cards, tee shirts suitable for Mothers or Grandmothers too. Go to*    I would also like to add if you are planning a reunion and you see some of my designs and you would like to add something especially for your reunion let me know and I will do my best to accomodate your requests. I have lots of invitations suitable for reunions, gatherings,parties too you find those in my greeting card folder.
As as P'tit Francois would say in French * On'ce parlra  plus tard" We will talk later.
Have a great day and thanks for the lovely visit.

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