Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Excitement Is Building

What excitement ? you may ask. Well on my last blog I told you about our genealogy project, well since then I have many people interested in this idea. So I have been advertising for anyone interested in being chosen to have a group of us to try and trace their family tree similar to the show "Who do you think you are". But we are not picking celebrities and we are not sending the recipient to France or England, but we are going to try and make their tree a very interesting one. There is a lot more to this that meets the eye. We need a title for our project and everyone is pitching in with their suggestions. We will choose a title which I will share with you later.We are going to work from both Facebook and our genealogy group. I will post our final results here and on Facebook and in our genealogy group. I have quite a few who volunteered to help . So I am truly hoping it will be a huge success or a success anyway. As I mentioned before ,this time we are looking for anyone with Acadian,French Canadian or Cajun roots. I have had some people who have already added their names to the draw. I am looking for more who would be interested in this project. So if you or someone you know have not done your family tree and would be interested in entering the draw please let me know. This is a free project. You can reach me by commenting on here or through my website acadian-roots or on Facebook. And if you have any suggestions feel free to comment.
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I would like to thank all my faithful readers for encouraging me to want to blog, and I would like to welcome all you people who just stumbled upon my blog I do hope you will return,and maybe follow me.
Have a great day

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