Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Do you recognize this bridge? Do you live in Moncton NB or Dieppe NB? Did you ever live there? Well this is the old bridge on Main Street between Moncton and Dieppe. In the background you can see our Petitcodiac River. This bridge was called or named McMongle Bridge ( I did not know this) and it was replaced in 1978. The photo and information was in the latest L'Etoile paper.

Speaking of L'Etoile, just to remind you that I have added P'tit Francois des Bois on my website at ,he has a new little story in french every week. I am expecting some of these little stories of being translated in the future (I hope). Keep checking my website, you never know what you will find there. Changing the subject now with a bit of advertisement. grin; here goes; Have you exhausted all your research for your Acadian/Cajun/French Canadian roots? Have you hit a brick wall? Would you like to try and see if we can help you? Are you just beginning your family tree and need help? If you answered yes to any of these questions, email me at ize_o_blue and at (this is to avoid spammers) and I will tell you what to do next. Just add genealogy help in the subject line so that I will know and not delete it as spam.

I would just like to finish this blog by thanking all my members with their great help on our latest thing we did. And if you readers are curious to know what that is (like Bob Barker would say) Come on over. smile.

Have a great day, thanks for the lovely visit.


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