Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Do you have your cuppa tea,coffee or hot chocolate ready? I have my cuppa coffee, it is not Tim Horton's but instant coffee today. Later on we will go for a drive to Tim Horton's Coffee shop. It is an addiction I tell ya, an addiction. grin. Now we have Thunder hooked too, we just get to the drive through and he is front and center waiting for his timbit. Speaking of Thunder, I ,me, moi have started something called "spoiling" grin. When we go to the store I started buying him a treat, some rawhide chews or ears or soft chews, now as soon as I get back in the car with a bag, yep , he is right there saying"ok what did you get me today". grin.
Tomorrow the weatherman is calling for another snow storm, will it ever stop? I want the green grass, I want the trees to bloom, I want to be able to go out without shovelling or without freezing. Do you feel the same? If you don't then that is because you are the lucky one in the nice warm parts of the country. I want to go too. smile.
Well I am still working on my latest project for my website, it is coming along just fine. Our genealogy projects in our acadianroots group are doing good also. The members there are like one big family,helping one another. For the ones of you who have never been in a genealogy group, it is a good place to make new friends and also to sometimes connect with distant cousins.If you are interested in joining us you can do so on my website www.acadian-roots.com click on the url in the sidebar and join. I would love to see more folks from the maritime provinces, Quebec, PEI, more from the USA all who have either Acadian or French Canadian Roots We are now 400 members and growing.
Aww my cup is empty, so thank you for the visit, see it gave you a little break, so until next time.
Have a great day,

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