Thursday, February 28, 2008

Good morning, or good afternoon depending on where you live. Well yesterday I finally decided to write to my missing nephew's mother in law in Mexico. I went to Bablefish and translated my letter from english to spanish, and I added a self stamped envelope along with paper in my letter and posted it. I sure hope we get results. It really is not like my nephew not to contact either one of his parents or his sisters. I wrote to the Nestles Company in Edmondton Alberta where Alderic said he was going to see for work at one point. No reply so far, the Edmonton police said we would have to file a missing person where we live but they told us, unless Alderic registers or is caught for something they cannot do anything. I wrote to the Salvation Army in Toronto, no reply. Now Alderic and Argentina has a son, that son has to be registered in a school somewhere,but where? And the surname De Bristole is not a name that is plentiful. So we are sure that Alderic was in San Diago in February 2007 ,working for a church to make money to head out to western Canada. When he sent an email to his father he mentioned Edmonton, and Richmond BC. Did he get there? or Did he go back to LaPas Mexico? Or are they in Montreal somewhere? They did live in Montreal at one time. If anyone reading my blog sees the name Alderic De Bristole, Amedee De Bristole or Argentina De Bristole anywhere in your part of the country, please reply to this blog? If you need a photo, there is a photo on one of my past blogs.
I haven't added any names to my Chartersville Cemetery lately, but I will be soon. I am working on my new pages which I do hope you will like. I found the music I wanted to use . The pages are up but not complete, when they are I shall let you know. This morning I received an email from one of my group members with a url to a gospel song by Dolly Parton, instead of adding it in my group I am going to add it here so if you like gospel songs this is pretty.
And to you newcomers reading my blog, if you are into genealogy and have Acadian/Cajun/French Canadian Ancestors and want to join our group, we are around 400 members and growing ,and we are like one family, so if you like genealogy and chat go to my website click on acadianrootsgroup on the sidebar and join us, it is free, and friendly. Or you can browse through my website, you never know what you will find.
Thank you for stopping by, hello Eve,Effie,Maria,Harry,Paul,Sara,Alice, I see you. grin. Have a great day everyone

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