Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Notice the color of my text? grin. It is because I went to Prince Edward Island and their soil is a reddish color. Yes I went to Summerside last Saturday with my friends. The roads had lots of frost heaves, but the weather was good on our trip over. As we crossed the Confederation Bridge, we talked about the times when we crossed to PEI on the ferries. I really enjoyed those trips over, I would look out in the waters and hope to see some fish, or seals in the water, I never did. Then we talked about before the bridge and before the ferries, how did our ancestors cross over in the winter times? Well I was told that they used to cross on the ice with a horse and sled, they would have a certain place that they would usually take to cross, like a man made road. In the summertimes they probably crossed over by boats.
Arriving at Borden guess where we headed for? The first Tim Horton coffee shop. smile. Then we went into Summerside, and I was hoping to go check out the Summerside genealogy center at the Wyatts Museum, it turned out that my friend lives about two blocks away. So she came with me. I was impressed as we entered the archives, stairs leading up were all wood and antique photos on the wall.
Entering the archives a man was leaving and another lady named Jeanne greeted us. The gentleman was into genealogy and we struck up a conversation for a bit.
And we continued into the room. I did not have anything special that I wanted to do this time except find a Gallant family for one of my members. So with the guidance of Jeanne , I think I found the right family, they were in lot 14 before going to Summerside. My friend was looking for a Leger family who were on PEI according to her mother. Lo and behold she found the obituary of her great great grandmother in 1929. She was excited. Then there was this young lady who came running in and onto the microfilm machine ,she said hello and I went on the computer to show Jeanne my website, and then we were on our way out we stopped and spoke with this young lady, and she said Oh I know who you are, she said you helped me out a while back and I have been to your site. That made me feel good, and she said I am so glad to meet you in person. She said you helped a lot of people, and I replied " I do it because I love doing it". We spoke about the Provincial Archives in Fredericton, I would love to go there for a whole week to browse through their material. I may still get there yet.
I also learned from Jeanne (who was a very nice lady) that the diocese of Charlottown will not give permission to release parish records after 1900.
They had a few parish records there, plus census, books from the PEI genealogy society, newspapers, cemeteries. But Jeanne said I would find much more at
Miscouche, had we had more time I would have gone, but I do intend on returning and going there, I also want to do more cemeteries perhaps next summer.
Oh and I tasted my first Syrian dish while at my friends house, it is called Keptie or Kepty, my friends were raving how good it was, so I said to myself ok, then I will try it. Well it was good, it is made of ground beef, rice, spices ,tomatoes, and boiled. She gave me the recipe and some spices . I will try and make some soon, I still want to make my gumbo . For christmas my friend Romm sent me a big box of cajun food, a cookbook even and a CD of Zacharie Richard, I love his singing. I love Acadian and Cajun music. I look for music of theirs to add to my website .
I had not blogged for a few days, but I wanted to share my short trip to PEI with you. Prince Edward Island is a beautiful place, I shall return, and so is Nova Scotia, I shall return. Never went to Newfoundland, would love to go there.
So thank you for coming and listening to my story, and do come again.
Have a great day


Alice said...



I really like the Leger Family crest , Roger would of been so happy to see this ,

You are a real giving person to contribute so much
of your time to this project , i really appreciate it
Have a great day Alice

alineskee said...

HI Alice, thank you for the comment, and I agree the Leger Crest is very nice . With the 11 rosettes representing the eleven children ,so all the Leger descendants has a part in the crest.I am anxious to see the other ones that were unveiled also.
Have a great day