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Cyriac Brideau was my brother in law's brother in law, he was very well known in Saint Louis de Kent in New Brunswick. He was very interested in genealogy, his uncle Cyriac Daigle wrote a book on the History of Saint Louis. Cyriac was also a comedian, he would perform little skits or plays on stage. I remember him once asking me if I would join me in one of his plays, he said you can sing. Well if you heard me singing you would run away as fast as your legs would take you. smile. Of course I declined the invitation. Many people approached Cyriac for genealogy information about Saint Louis de Kent and its ancestors. While looking through my books and papers, I came across this story told by Cyriac Brideau and translated by Louis M Bourque in Le Reveil Acadien that I once belonged to.

HUNTING MISHAP by Cyriac Brideau;

In 1885, Urbain LeBlanc lived 2 miles from the village at the entrance of the Kouchibouguac Park. He noticed that at night a bear would come out of the woods and devour his sheep. Once and for all he decided to lay a trap and be rid of the bear. He laid out two big muskets one on each side of the small road where the bear usually came through. A cord was attached to each of the triggers of the guns and as the bear would cross the road it would touch the cord and the two guns would go off at the same time. I myself have seen a bear brought down in this manner by bear hunter Belonie A Richard father of Leonie and Stanislas of Richiboucto,Delphin of Pointe Sapin and tow nuns from Campbelton.

Returning to my story, the next day Urbain was in front of his barn when heard guns going off in the direction of where he had set his trap. The bear must certainly be down, he thought. With haste, he alerts his neighbors and they all set off for the woods. Urbain LeBlanc with his young son Germain, neighbor Urbain Fontaine and his young son James age 13. Elder LeBlan at the head of the party with son Germain, all running with excitement certain that both guns had went off. Unfortunately Urbain was mistaken, for upon arriving at the site, one of them touched the cord that was still attached to the second trigger discharging it, tumbling the two men, the father near death and his son severely injured.

Imagine the horror of the accompanying neighbors, the Fontaines, witnessing this accident and watching their friends bleeding to death. Elder LeBlanc saying "I'm going to die (Je vais mourir). Those big guns were powerful enough to inflict severe gaping wounds.

He had been wounded in the hip, while young LeBlanc had been injured in the knee. Young Jim (James) on the orders from his father set out running for help from Remi and Pierre Babineau. After about one mile, arriving at the main road, a wagon was passing by, the man calling out to the young boy to stop because at the rate he was running something horrible must have happened. After describing the accident, the passerby directed his horse full speed toward the accident site. It was with great joy to see this man who they recognized as the young doctor from Rexton, that young Jim had not recognized. Having given first aid he knew young Germain's life could be saved but feared for the father , as had had received the full force of the blow with much loss of blood.

Finally young Jim arrives with two men, a horse and buggy to transport the injured with the doctor following behind them. Upon their return home sadly his wife was to witness her husband on his deathbed. Her son seriously hurt, grateful to the doctor who had saved his life. His knee was never the same after the accident for he limped the rest of his life. Urbain LeBlanc was married to one of my aunts; Rachel Babineau,Pere Arcade LeBlanc, Eudiste, as well as Sister Auralie from Montreal and Louis from the USA are his surviving grandchildren. He was also he grandfather of the late Alphee who married Adrienne Maillet.

P.S. A few years ago I had the occasion to see the gun that killed my uncle Urbain at the house of Arthur Barrieau.

Cyriac Brideau.
There must have been so many terrible accidents similar to the above one, during the time of our ancestors. I do recall my parents telling me that one of my great grandmothers Marie Martin was walking along a dirt road in Adamsville and she was holding this stick, and she saw something brown or black moving in the ditch, she poked it with her stick and it turned out to be a bear, my parents told me that the bear chewed part of her side, and she later died. I have found no proof of that so far, but if I ever go to the archives I will see if I can find her death records.
Seeing todays blog is about accidents and tragedies, I would just like to say, to everyone in Alabama, Tennessee, Missouri and every state hit by those awful tornados I feel very bad for everyone, I do hope you remain safe. God Bless each one of you.
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