Sunday, February 03, 2008

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a great day. Well I have been busy the last few days. I have added a page in my cajun pages about an Acadian-Memorial Day to be held in Cajun-Country, I also added a few photos, so be sure to check it out ,it sounds like there is going to be lots of fun to be had.
Next I found more old newspapers among my souvenirs (just like the song grin), and I came across two articles that I have added in my Moncton page, if you go to my site click on Moncton, you will see the last two articles, I found them very interesting to read.
I added more names to my Chartersville Cemetery page. And our two projects in our acadianroots group at yahoo is going very well. So all I will say is if you have brick walls, and would like some help come join our genealogy group, you will be amazed at all the nice folks who are willing to give a try at knocking down your brick walls. Once you are there, you email me your brick walls and I post them .
Then our busy beavers really get to work. smile. To get to our genealogy group, go to my website above, click on acadian group in the left sidebar and come on in.
There are many many old messages you can look through.
OH here comes company. Have a great day everyone

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