Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just Imagine if

Imagine if there was such a thing as a time machine and we could go back in time, to the times of our ancestors and be able to watch how they lived?
What would we see? We probably would see the women hard at work either at home making meals and weaving and knitting and sewing or out in the fields helping their husbands.
The men would either be preparing their hay for the harsh cold winters by putting the hay in their barns ,or they would be out hunting for wild game to feed their families, or fishing for food. But after the work was finished what would they be doing? After a hard days work, maybe they sang songs? Or maybe they told stories? It would be so good to be able to know how they lived so we could return from our time machine and write all these things down.
What about the children? They surely must have had time to play. What did they do to play? What kind of toys would the parents have made them? Maybe they went out and played with the animals or perhaps played some sort of games together. Maybe they did some exploring and let their imaginations run wild.
When night time arrived, they would probably have gone to bed early, or listened to their parents tell stories by the fireplace or by the candle lights.
There must have been a lot of laughter at times in their homes, and other times a lot of heartbreaks. Oh yes, if only we could go back in time for just a little while, what a lot of things we would be able to see.
Did our ancestors dance? Did they play music,or travel to their neighbors house sometimes far away to listen to the music and maybe sing or dance?
Can you imagine our ancestors dancing something like a square dance ,while laughing and being happy for a little while? And what about when their daughters got married? Did they party? Did they make a Chavary back then? Imagine if only we could travel back in time. Would the children be peaking around the corner watching the dancing and listening to the music all interested? Or would they be in their beds in a sound sleep. All these things run through my mind, and I often think what a wonderful thing it would have been if some of our ancestors would have left us a diary of some sort, so that we would have known them so much better. Imagine too, the hardships that they had, they were living in the woods, well cleared but still surrounded by the forest, can you imagine the mosquitos, black flies, horse flies, sometimes they must have been bitten some bad, and I imagine that is why we read that they had their faces covered with ashes to prevent the mosquito bikes. Imagine if they could talk to us, what a story they could tell.
On another note next week is Thankgiving for some of you readers,I would like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving day, and also to my cousin Eve and her family.
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Lori E said...

I do think of this often Aline, especially when I see a picture of an old church or a street scene. I know that my ancestors attended that church, walked through those doors, met up with their neighbours.
I know that the Frenchmen in my tree played fiddle and danced jigs because my father talked about it.
In the evenings I would imagine they were all so tired after a hard days labour that there wasn't much going on. Feed the animals, eat your dinner and lug in the wood for the fire. Even on weekends it was the same other than church. Many children to take care of. No disposable diapers. No washing machines. Oh my. I think they just got through the days hoping for good crops and good health. I know it sounds kind of negative but they were probably happier than a lot of people today.

alineskee said...

Yes Lori I am sure that at times they were much happier than a lot of people today, they didn't have the things we have today, and they did not miss them. I bet the were healthier due to the work,than us just sitting in front of the TV or at our computers.