Sunday, November 01, 2009

Got a taste who what our Ancestors went through

Well it is true I got a taste of what some of our ancestors went through. It began last night around ten pm. I was minding my own business, really involved in adding some cemetery transcriptions on my website ,when poof, off goes my computer, and I was in the middle of putting all the names on my page. Oh no! I lost everything? Sob sob. (so I thought). Wonder what happened? Oh well, the power must have gone off, but we still had lights. Then no computer but the television was still on. So onto the sofa we went. Oh a good story. All of a sudden POOF , no television ,no lights and it was pitch black, and I mean pitch black. Where are my flashlights? Oh I have a spotlight, here it is. Where is the on button? I cannot find it. Oh never mind I will go get the other flashlight. So here I am in pitch black darkness, feeling where I am going, in front of the sofa, now to find the wall in the hallway, oh there it is, now there is an open door I have to pass, there it is. Now where is the closet door knob? I felt and found it.
So no lights at all. I opened the door to the hallway outside, pitch black. Now I felt as if I was back in the sixteen hundreds, with no lights, only darkness. I am only glad we did not have an outhouse. Clumsy as I am I dread thinking what would have happened had I had to go out to it. grin. The power was off until around noon today, I believe lightning may have hit a transformer, because last night it was very very windy. And we heard thunder. Another thing we had those portable phones, and they are plugged into the wall socket so no phone. Guess where we went today? To walmart and we got a corded phone, now if the power goes off again we will at least have a phone working.
I hope you had a much better day than we did. grin.
Thanks for the visit, do stop by again.
Have a great day


Thomas MacEntee said...


Thanks for mentioning the corded phone - this is something we keep in a drawer for just such emergencies - along with the crank-up radio!

alineskee said...

Yes a person should always be prepared for power outages, we never know when they will happen. Now I need to get some batteries and battery opereated lanterns.

Unknown said...

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