Monday, November 23, 2009

Acadians to Cajuns

Have you even wondered how the Acadians managed when they were exiled to other lands?
They had to have been terrified. They would encounter snakes for instance and not little garter snakes but poisonous ones. (Brr I shiver to think of it ) I am terrified of them.
Anyway we know that there were no Acadians deported or exiled to Louisiana, the Acadians choose to go, either to meet up with some relatives or to try and find a better life.
Now if you don't live in Louisiana, you must have seen lots of images or stories about the swamps and bayous. What were the Acadians thinking when they spotted these? It sure must have looked some different from the forest and rivers and streams of Acadie. Acadie had bears, deers,moose. They did not have possums and many little animals that Louisiana had.
There were also many different birds not like the ones they had left behind. Of course we know that they had to survive so they had to get used to all these strange kinds of foods.
But what was their reactions to what was lurking in the swamps, the snakes? Is that what I meant? No, I meant something much bigger and even more dangerous that lurked just beneath the water. Sometimes you would think it was a log floating on the water. I am sure many of the Acadians lost their lives to these reptiles. Yes reptiles and meaning the Alligators.
Now they have Alligator farming, but back then it was quite different. The Acadians probably learned a lot from the people that were there before them. Just like the Acadians had learned from the Native Americans that were there before them. These were all forms of survival, meaning that they had to learn many new things in order to survive.
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Lori E said...

I don't know how they would have dealt with the gators but they were familiar with eels and ate them regularly. Just like a snake don't you think?

alineskee said...

I cannot imagine them eating snakes, but I heard that snake is good meat. They can keep it, I won't eat eel either, when my aunt cooked some one day I see something moving in the pan and they were all cut up .Yuck. grin