Saturday, November 21, 2009


Hello and welcome to my blog, today I would like to talk about an addiction. Addict means to apply habitually. It is something that you have a hard time to shake, you need it , you crave it. It keeps you from sleeping, it controls your mind. It sometimes makes a wreck out of you. It interfers with your housework. It is so habit forming. There are so many addictions out there, but I have the worst one, there is no known cure for mine. So I have decided to accept my addiction. Because of my addiction one day while my addiction was overpowering me, I had put in a couple of eggs to boil and would you believe the water had to evaporate and so this had to take me away from my addiction because I heard a loud explosion, yep my eggs had busted what a mess. They say that you cannot burn anything if you boil it. Not so! I know I've been there done that , and done it again and again. Then we have to go to restaurants and I don't like that because it keeps me from my addiction. OH I just realized because of one addiction I have developed another one. OH NO! I hope it doesn't lead to a third addiction, two addictions are all that I can handle..Have you guessed my addictions yet? Why are you smiling? Oh you guessed it? Well I can tell you first of all I AM ADDICTED TO GENEALOGY sob sob, no known cure, and because of my first addiction I AM NOW ADDICTED TO INTERNET....Please keep me in your thoughts and hope I can survive my addictions. grin....I am so happy I could bring a smile to your faces........
On another note, I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Next comes Christmas, some of my members have joined in a gift exchange this year again,which is nice. I have my tree standing in the living room not decorated yet, I shall do that next week. I have done some shopping because this year is very special for me, we are having my son and his family join us for dinner.
My acadianrootsclub genealogy group is growing all the time, I am pleased that I created petiteacadienne in order for people to join so that I can invite them to my main group which is set to private and I cannot reverse it. Our chat n brag room is also doing great , there we are like one big family sharing with each others either stories or photos or idle chit chat.
My zazzle store is growing , this week I have added stuff with antique cars on them, mugs with antique cars, shirts ,postcards and more, I also added a lot of baby outfits with baby first names, If you happen to go , the cars are in my Transportation folders, and check out my other folders, acadian,cajun, babies, animals, surnames, there are many items to look through. If you need stocking stuffers there are different keychains there. You can view them at the bottom of this page if you want to or go to*
I am having lots of fun with that.
Until next time, take care and thanks for the lovely visit
Have a great day

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