Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Tomorrow many of you will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day, so I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving Day. I know that in the USA, it is a very big celebration.
Once the Thanksgiving day is over, next comes the Christmas Holidays.
I have my tree standing patiently in the corner of my living room waiting to be decorated. My brother came over with a huge box of bulbs and said to me" here you have enough for your tree". Well I think there is enough to decorate two trees. grin. I have done my christmas cards, they are all in the mail. I also have prepared my Ecards for my online friends, they are all sent out to be delivered on a certain date.
I have been working on my store, and created some Christmas Cards and a christmas kitten mug (my latest additions). My sister sent me a nice photo of her tree so I made it into a christmas card. I am having fun with my store. I never thought I could do something like that.
I have a lot to learn but slowly I shall get there.
I don't want to push my store on you but I would like to say that is you are into genealogy or know someone into genealogy and you are looking for something for them. I have created some Surname Mugs, with some names of the first Acadian settlers in case you are interested. They would be in my Surname folder, and I also have some Acadian and Cajun products. The url is* When I get an idea , I rush over to create something. grin.
Ideas don't come too often tho. smile.
On another note: Our Williams dit Bristol group on Facebook is growing. But I know there are many out there who do not know they do have Mathurin Williams dit Bristol somewhere in their lines, and they would qualify to join the group. For example, Hubert Lirette married Mathurin's daughter Agnes, so there would be many Lirettes who descend from this couple.
Mathurin and his wife Angelique Gauthier had many grandaughters , who did they marry? Well their descendants also branch into the Williams dit Bristol lines. So while doing your Acadian side of the family, if you run into Mathurin and Angelique then come join our group on facebook.
The group is called Williams dit Bristol.
Our acadianrootsclub room is growing also, I feel bad that I went and changed it to private invites because now it cannot be undone, but have no fear, if you join petiteacadienne group on yahoo, I then stop by and ask if you want an invite , if so, then I invite you in.
I haven't added much on my Acadian-Roots website lately, except updating P'tit Francois and translating it. P'tit Francois has a contest going for the month of November, then for the month of December, check out my P'tit Francois for more information at
After the holidays I will try and do more work on my website. But there is plenty on it at the moment that you will not get bored . Have you read about our seniors? Some lived to be as old as 113. Can you imagine? Well now it is Coffee Time. So take care, thanks for the lovely visit and
please stop by again, because you never never know what I will blog about next.
Have a great day

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