Thursday, November 05, 2009

Like Mother like Daughter

When I sit and talk with Mom, I never know what I will learn. This morning I went for my daily visit and we were talking about all sorts of things. I began by talking about the chances we took when I was young and I did not know the danger. We used to go to the National Park and to get there we would go over and under some boxcars. There were many of them all side by side. Now we did not know that they used to shunt those boxcars ,we could have been seriously hurt. Mom jumped in the conversation and said yes when I was newly married I went with my brothers in law and they climbed the boxcar and Mom said so did I. I was a tomboy she continued. Then I began laughing because I too was a tomboy when I was young and I was very hard on my clothes, a tear here and a hole there, dirt here .I said to Mom. "Mom were you hard on your clothes too?" Mom replied " I was always dressed nice, and yes I would rip my clothes. " I replied "AHA, now I know who I take after. grin. We both laughed.
Now Mom also shared with me things that just might interest some of you. She said when she was young, a couple could not live together unless they were married. And if a girl got pregnant Oh that was something terrible, the neighbors could not know that the daughter got pregnant. So Mom said the Mother would start wearing loose dresses, and pretend she was pregnant and the daughter was never to be seen during all that time. Then all of a sudden the mother had a new baby boy or baby girl. How exciting. Now I imagine some of you have come across that the daughter is really the grandaughter, because if you check the ages sometimes the mother is pretty old to have a baby. Mom also mentioned that if a woman had a mental child or handicap child, that child was always out of sight.
Mom said everything was always a secret , or hush hush. Shhhh don't tell anyone!
On another note, I have been busy creating mugs in my store , I have added a lot of our first ancestors and some of the wives . I even made a mug for the Steeves who were Stiefs . I have mostly our Acadian Ancestors at the moment ,but my mind is always thinking of something. You can go to my store and click on Surnames folder or url it will take you to the mugs and surnames by going to* or at the bottom of this blog you will see a slide show you can also go to the store that way. You don't have to buy, just have a look , I am sort of proud of my idea. You can also leave me a comment if you go there to let me know if you like my idea or not?
So until next time have a great day, thanks for the lovely visit.

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