Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Well it is a relief to know that Gustav was not as bad as Katrina, and not many lives were lost. I do know many are without electricity and will be for a little while longer. Some friends have reported that they are safe, I am still waiting to hear from the rest.
I have been reading a book called scattered to the wind by Carl A Brasseaux, and the book talks about all the Acadians affected by the Deportation in 1755, there are stories that are so very touching such as the acadians living in poverty in parts of France. And even closer to home, in the book the following article is written;
Under the leadership of Abbe Le Guerne , most of the refugees along the upper coast made their way to the Miramichi area. Having fled their homes with little more than the clothes on their backs, these refugees, many of whom were women whoes husbands had already been sent into exile from Beaubassin, lacked adequate shelter, food and clothing. Pierre de Rigaud the marquis de Vaudreille governor of Canada described their plight;
"Acadian mothers see their babies die at the breast not having wherewith to nourish them. The majority of the people cannot appear abroad for want of clothes to cover their nakedness. Many have died. The number of the sick is considerable, and those convelescent cannot regain their strength on account of the wretched quality of their food, being often under the necessity of eating horse meat extremely lean sea cow and skins of oxen. Such of the state of the Acadians".
Starvation, exposure and disease claimed hundreds of Miramichi Acadians during their first winter in exile. Many of the survivors fled to Quebec the following spring.
The book talks about the Acadians in Saint Domingue, and St Pierre de Miquelon, Louisiana and more. Very interesting reading.
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