Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Can you believe that in a few hours it will be the first of October already? Well today we went to Grand Digue and I noticed the trees have really changed their colors already. I had forgotten to take my camera so I could not take any pictures. The leaves have begun falling already. But the colors of orange, greens, reds and yellow is so very beautiful to see. At the moment they look like sceneries you would see in jigsaw puzzles.
I remember doing those jigsaw puzzles, it sure was a great pastime. I would do all the outside of the puzzle first , that was pretty easy but when the colors of different areas was nearly the same color ,boy they were hard to piece together. grin. Did you ever start making a puzzle and have a big part of it done and you noticed that some of the pieces were missing? haha. that was maddening huh?
My aunt used to go to yard sales and come home with lots of them, and she would give them to us, sometimes she never bothered making them and when we got them, yep pieces were not there, missing, gone. grin.
Well I have added a few more photos on my photo gallery, well three more to be exact. And today I met a lady who told me she has some relatives that may branch into one of my lines, the first thing I asked her was "Do you have any photos?" No reply as yet.
Our Toy Drive is doing very well I am impressed, more gift certificates on the way and another lady went on my site and contacted me, she said she would be sending a toy. So that is wonderful news. I know I am talking about this early, but as you know Christmas is just around the corner. So now is the time to begin the Toy Drive. I have contacted various organizations and people to find the best place to deliver the toys to. No matter where we decide, the main thing is on christmas morning , maybe in some home where the dad is out of work? Or maybe the fireman may deliver the toys to someone who recently went through a fire? Or maybe to some kind of shelter? Some little boys and girls , will wake up and go under the tree and see this parcel from far away especially for them. And somewhere far away, a certain person will be thinking to themselves, somewhere in New Brunswick Canada, a little boy and or a little girl is smiling and I helped to make it happen. If any of you readers want to send a toy, there is an url on the side of this blog, or you can contact me through my acadien-roots.com website.
Remember I cannot do this Toy Drive alone , I am so very grateful to many of the members from my genealogy room and my chat n brag room for their participations.
To end this blog, I heard that there is another hurricane , this time heading for Scotland, I have friends in Scotland and I do hope that they will be ok, and not in the direct path of the hurricane.
Thanks for the lovely visit, oh and be sure to check out my P'tit Francois des Bois page on my website, it is written in French and translated into English so you can have an idea what the stories are about.
Have a great day

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