Sunday, September 28, 2008

It is raining cat's n dogs is a saying I remember so well. Well we are waiting for a hurricane that has just been downgraded to a tropical storm, but we are expecting lots of wind and rain. It is a good thing that we are not getting what was called for at first.
Now speaking of cats and dogs, did you ever think about adding them in your genealogy stories? How would you like to come across a story about your great grandfather saying he had a favorite pet? And reading a story about funny things or heroic things his pet did? Well I know I would love to read such a thing. My mother once told me my grandfather had a dog that he trained, and I came across a photo of him and that dog. Now I had two pets which I have written about in my genealogy book and I also wrote about my son's family dog.
My dog was named Chrissie, she was black ,with a white paw, and I remember spending hours in my back yard teaching her to sit, to sing, to sing softly, to roll over, to speak, I taught her which toy was which and every time I asked her to go fetch her toy by name she would go, she had about 18 toys in her toybox and no matter what I asked her to get, she came back to me with it. She knew where her cookies where, she would go to the cupboard touch the door with her nose, I would open the door and she would nudge the cookie box. I took videos of her.
So it is for sure her stories will be read my my great grandchildren if I am lucky enough to have any.
And I also had this little blue budgie, his name was Joey, I got him from a pet store and at first he did not do a thing, when I finished training him, he could talk, he would look at himself in his mirror and say "Bad ,bad joey" he would say 'T'es bain beau, beau tee bird, back off Joey. meaning you are beautiful, beautiful bird grin. And he would have this little toy dinky car , I put a read thread on it and he would land on my paper covered television, take the car by the read thread, run to the side of the television, make it fall and say bad bad joey, I would pick up the car and set it back on the paper, he would do the same thing over and over again.
And yes I have these stories in my family tree book, and my son's family dog Fluffy passed away and I wrote stories about her and gave them to my grandson. So if you have a special pet, do not forget to share their stories with your decendants.
On another note, as you know many of our acadian ancestors left home to go elsewhere to find work, many of them moved to the USA but many others decided to go out west. Some went to Quebec, to Ontario, to Calgary, or BC so I decided to see if I could find some of them who went to Ontario. And yes I found some of our ancestors who left New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI for Ontario and I have added some of their marriages and some deaths on my website at scroll towards the bottom of the left side and you will see Ontario, click there and see if you find any of your ancestors. I do hope this helps some of you in your reseach. Enjoy.
Our Christmas toy drive is off to a good start, we now have nine toys ready to give to some needy boy or girl for Christmas. I am very pleased, even if that would be all the toys we would have, well that is nine children that we have brought a happy smile to their faces. But we will be having more toys on the way.
So to end my blog today, I just want to say, thank you for the lovely visit, do drop by again. Have a great day


Velda said...

I hope the rain didn't hit too hard, I've been watching on CBC.

That's a great idea about the pets, I haven't thought about that. I have photos and such too! Thanks for the great idea

alineskee said...

hi Velda, the storm was not bad here after all, lots of wind tho, Nova Scotia got the most of it.
Yes I agree about the pets, it is a good idea to remember them also.You hear often about a dog saving its master in cases of fire for instance, or a pet finding their long way home after being lost or left behind by mistakes, these makes interesting things to pass on to our descendants too.