Thursday, September 18, 2008

Outhouses were very popular way back. How many of you remember walking down a snow beaten path to the little building with one window and two seats inside? Well I remember it. grin. And let me tell you that during the winter , we did not dawdle in that little house. It was in and out as fast as we could. Now if it was at night time, my big sister or brother would walk with me and stand outside the outhouse to wait. Now we did not have the luxury of Royale or Contonelle, nope it usually was Eaton's or Sears Catalogues or True Romance Magazines. Since we are on the subject of outhouses, I must tell you a story my Mom told me about my Dad. When I was very young maybe around 3 or 4, we lived in the country and my Dad wasn't too keen on going out to cut wood for the fire, so what he would do, is tear down the outhouse and burn the wood during the winter, then when spring came, he would build the outhouse all over again. And I would believe my Dad would have done something like that. grin. The reason I am discussing outhouses is because the other day, I went to a second hand shop and I always look at the books and I found this book called Outhouses of the East by Sherman Hines and I picked it up for twenty five cents. Couldn't miss this great buy. And it has all different outhouses. Some have round window, some square and even diamond shape, some have glass in the windows others don't. I would prefer the glass to stop the draft . haha.
Well on another note, I would like to share something with you. As you know Christmas will soon be here and when the holidays get closer lots of things run through my head. This year my genealogy group and I are doing our gift exchange again this year, we did it last year and it was fun. But this year we are going one step further and we have decided to do a Toy Drive. I don't know how it is going to turn out, but so far we have some who have joined in it. This is totally for the needy children. Many who have joined have decided to send gift certificates to me, from either Walmart, Zellers,Toys R Us or Sears. Others will send toys. And we are not sure what organization will get the toys but we are going to give them to a worthy one.I will buy the toys here along with the gift wrap in order to save the cost of mailing a parcel. If this works out , next year we will change the locations of the gifts and maybe instead of the children we will do the homeless or the nursing home. So if any of you who are reading this, want to donate gift certificates or toys go to click on Christmas Toys, you will see a place to contact me, I have created an email account especially for the toys. We won't be giving our names out on the gifts we will just put Boy or Girl on the gift with the name of where we live, for example To a Girl from Houston Texas or to a Boy from Sudbury Ontario. I am going to set up a box in my living room to put the toys into.
Oh and I am going to present the gifts on behalf of Acadian-Roots which will include our genealogy group, our Chat n Brag group and my Blog readers.
I am not expection tons of toys but one toy is way better than none at all, and that one child will have a happy smile come christmas morning.
Thank you for stopping by and just to say, if you are one of the readers saying to yourself, I cannot afford it!!!! Well that is ok, there is nothing wrong with that and I do know if you could afford it, you would. It is the thought that counts.
Have a great day.

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