Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Moncton City Directory is a good place to check to see if your ancestors were living there, in case you are unsure of their whereabouts. I have added the 1918 Moncton Directory on my website. I think I have two pages missing. But the majority of the pages are on my website at . It is interesting to read about what grocery stores, or churches, or newspapers were there in 1918. That is the year my Mom was born. So reading the directory brings me to her birth timeframe. There are many Acadian names and many English names on the lists. I do hope it bring bring back memories to someone or help in their search for their elusive ancestors. I have also added a drop down menu so you can navigate to my other Moncton pages. Many streets were not built in 1918 ,but there are some that have and are still there.
On another note, if you are on FACEBOOK ,I have a group I started there for the ones who are not on yahoo ,msn, or only on facebook, the name is Old Photos of New Brunswick and that is exactly what it is about. Posting old photos from Moncton,Parkton,Georgetown,Saint Paul de Kent, Sainte Marie de Kent, Adamsville, Sunny Brae, Cap Pele,Barachois,Cocagne,Grand Digue, Bouctouche, Bonsecour,Saint Andre. By sharing photos it gives us a chance to perhaps have photos of our ancestors or the places where they lived. So if you are on Facebook ,why don't you come and share your photos ?
I still have my photo gallery on my website ,that won't change, but I am trying to broaden my area regarding photos. And if there are some that I think others not on facebook would like to see of your photos, I shall ask permission to add them. I do know many people are only on facebook and do not go anywhere else. But everyone is welcome to come share their photos .
While on my website ,be sure to check out the weekly adventures of P'tit Francois des bois, he sure is having his share of problems with the widow Smallwood. The article are written in French and I have translated them to english just to give you a rough idea about the storyline. But if you are french and you know Chiac then you will get a good laugh .
So now that you have heard me go on and on, I will say, thank you so much for the lovely visit, I do hope you will stop by again.
Have a great day

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