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TRACADIE New Brunswick, I went to the library today, and of course I headed for Acadian related books and I came across a book on Tracadie D.Kerry,Roy Bourgeois and Maurice Basques. So I thought I would borrow it . Inside the book I found the following exherts. Among the first families to settle there were:

Arsenault; The first Arsenaults to settle in Tracadie were brothers Jean and Joseph sons of Vincent Arsenault and Marguerite Poirier. They were originally from Beaubassin . Jean married Perpetue Savoie and Joseph married Isabelle Poirier.

Bastarache . Michel born around 1730 in Port Royal may be known as one of the founders of Tracadie.

Benoit; Antoine Benoit son of Claude and Jeanne Hebert of Grand Pre seems to be the source of the Benoits in Tracadie.

Breau ; Magloire son of Victor and Marie Arsenault married Madeleine Bastarache daughter of Michel and Marguerite Gaudet.

Brideau: Louis born in L'Isle Verte Quebec immigrated to Bonaventure ,husband of Marie Hebert they left Gaspe with a certain Olivier Leger for Caraquet ,in 1793 he headed for Tracadie.

Caissie:Jean Baptiste, Noel and Hypolite sons of Etienne. We find Etienne on the banks of the St John River in 1783 with his wife and two kids; After the arrival of the Loyalists we find Etienne and his family at Baie des Vins around 1788 from there some of his sons settled in Tracadie.

Comeau; Alexis without a doubt is the first to settle in Tracadie from this family. Son of Etienne and Marie Josephe Landry he married Anne Pothier.

Doiron; Louis his son Olivier and their family arrived in Tracadie. Louis married Marie Bonnevie and his son Olivier married Marguerite Comeau and Euphemie Cormier.

Dyrsdale (Drisdelle) William was the source of this family in Tracadie his son David married Victoire Brideau. William was originally from England.

Ferguson; William was the first loyalist to settle in Tracadie. Born in Belfast Ireland . He married Margaret McComb in Quebec. They came to Tracadie, he became a widower and married Esther Richard widow of Pierre Dugalet in 1801.

Gautreau; Mathurin son of Francois and Marie Vincent came to Tracadie in 1789 ,Before that he was in Ile Orleans,Bellechasse,St John River, Memramcook. He married Rosalie Daigle in 1755 and settled in Tracadie.

LeBreton. Francois Robert dit LeBreton married Therese Boiselle. In 1777 he is in Perce with his five children. Fleeing the military he settled in Tracadie.

Loisier; Prosper Desjardins dit Losier born in Sainte Anne de la Pocatiere son of Augustin and Marie Angelique Lizot ,he married Charlotte LeBreton settled in Tracadie.

Mazerolle; They came from Baie du Vin to settle in Tracadie. Pierre born 1750 son of Joseph and Anne Daigle married Bridget Trahan in Quebec 1772,and married Felicite Bastarache , settled in Tracadie.

McGrath: Michel probably born in Ireland ,came to Tracadie at the turn of the nineteenth century. He married Bridget LeBreton daughter of Francois.

McLaughlin: Charles Blackwatch Veteran ,first of this family to settle in Tracadie in 1786. He married Anne LeBreton daughter of Francois.

Richard: They introduced themselves to Tracadie with the arrival of Pierre around 1808. Born in 1772 possibly in St Servan France, probably returned with his father on the Robin Vessels he married Marie Josephe Dion in Quebec in 1805.

Robichaud . In 1807 we fine one Robichaud in Tracadie. Jean son of Francois and Marie LeBorgne dit Belleisle. Born around 1756 around St John River he married Marie Levron around 1772.

Robinson; The Robinson families of Tracadie descend from Robert born in England in 1793.In 1824 from the Miramichi he came to Tracadie ,in 1828 he married Charlotte McLaughlin daughter of Charles and Anne.

Savoie: The first Savoie to settle in Tracadie would be Pierre son of Jean and Marie Dupuis he married Anne Marie Bujold.

Thibodeau. Alexis born 1742 son of Rene and Anne Boudrot ,deported to Mass. married Marguerite Dupuis. Was in Baie des Vins and Tracadie.

Young: The first Youngs of Tracadie were Robert and James. Originally from Dunfries Scotland. They arrived in 1825.James married Anne Ferguson.

There following were other families which were excluded as the founders:
Thomas Archer born in Ireland married Marguerite Comeau.
Pierre Dugalet born in Jersey Island married Esther Richard.
McMahon . The first one came around 1825 from Langford Ireland. name not mentioned.
Richardsons arrived around 1820 from Liverpool England.
Didier Roussel born around 1746 in France he married Madeleine Gallant daughter of Jean and Anne Doiron. In 1788 he followed his father in law to Prince Edward Island then in 1805 he is in Tracadie.
Thomas family arrived in 1825 from PEI.
Jean Vienneau born around 1760 son of Michel originally from Montbeliard, in 1789 he is in Tracadie.
John Walsh born in Ireland son of Mathew and Mary Ann Furlong married Emilie LaFrance in Tracadie in 1846.

Now this was found in the book I mentioned, it is alway better to verify the dates before accepting them as true dates. Hope this helps some of you with your research
To end today's blog I would like to tell everyone in the path of Hurricane Ike , Stay safe everyone.
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