Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hello everyone, well I am reading a book called Acadian Awakenings by William D Gerrior. It is a great book to read about our acadian ancestors. For instance did you know where some of our ancestors originated from in France? Mister Gerrior states that from the Loudon region of France came the following people to Acadie;
From Aulnay came the Babins, Dupuis,Girouards,Dousset and Poiriers. From La Chaussee came the Belliveaus,Bourgs,Brault,Landry and Robichauds. From Martaize came the Blanchards, Gaudets,Gautreaus,LeBlanc,Savoie and Theriaults. Did you notice how Doucet, and Breau were spelled?
What I would like to know is where the Cormiers were from, I know they were in La Rochelle, but did they arrive at La Rochelle from elsewhere? There have been priests and genealogists looking for the origin of Robert and his family for years. But now with the internet maybe it will be possible to find his birth or Thomas birth around 1636 somewhere in France. I am still looking for a marriage for a Rene Bergeron and Anne Dagault whom I and many others believe are the true parents of Barthelemy Bergeron dit Damboise who was born in Amboise France.
For years we believed him to be the son of and Antoine Bergeron and Catherine Scarron but there has never been any proof of this, but there has been a baptism found for one Barthelemy Bergeron in Amboise France the son of Rene and Anne Dagault and the birth date is the same as was mentioned for Barthelemy but the year is different by two years I believe. How much of a coincidence that if there were two Barthelemy Bergeron born in Amboise France that they would be born exactly two years apart to the day? I don't think so. His father Rene was baptized in the same church as Barthelemy, but no marriage has been found as yet. I am hoping by posting this in my blog that maybe someone somewhere may read this and say OH I found the marriage.. "It is possible you know".
Now on a happy note, I would like to share a story I read in the Reader's Digest yesterday, it was really touching. And it goes to show how strong ties online friends are created The story is not word for word but I will tell you the main part of it.
There was this man who went online quite often and he checked out certain forum , just like we do. Anyway he met this young girl in one of the forums and they struck up a conversation and did so for a while. One day he got probably a chat message from her saying she had just put the charcoal on, and she was getting warm, well apparently she was inside and he knew she was in danger. She did not want to give him her location, she was trying to commit suicide, he asked her where are you? She said she was in an apartment, he was getting very worried, Can you tell me what number? she did not answer. He said at least what floor are you on? Well she said I can tell you I am on the 8th floor and she hung up. Now all he knew she was somewhere in Taipan, so he put an alert on line, and the news started to circulate, someone was in trouble, who was she really? Did anyone know her? Finally someone said yes I know her and that she went to a certain school, she was still a student there. Good , thats good, the hotel must be nearby. What hotels have at least 8 floors? So they hurried and the young man himself looked for a hotel close to the school she went to. He called the desk clerk asked if the girl was there. Yes she is, replied the manager. The man said , hurry, hurry get up there she is in trouble. So the desk clerk went up, she had bolted the door, but they knocked it down and were there just in time to save her. They took her to the hospital and a few months later, she went to where the young man lived and thanked him for saving her life. So the reason I am telling you this story is to let you know, there are so many friends to be made online, you are never alone. Never feel lonely, just go online ,join a group ,they become just like your family.
We have our chat n brag room, we are not a lot in there at the moment and it is unbelievable how close we are to one another. Can you believe we are talking about when us girls were young and wore those long brown stockings. grin. There are also men in our group, the latest said " I wouldn't look good in a dress". grin. See this is what we do.
I do hope you have enjoyed today's blog. I am glad to see that you do come in to read them. A reminder if you want to donate a toy or gift certificat for a needy boy or girl please let me know? I have added the url on the side where you can contact me. I received my first gift certificat so off to WalMart I will go to buy a toy or two.
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Velda said...

Hi Aline,

That book is on my reading list, in fact I hope to get over tonight to get several acadian books I'm interested in...


alineskee said...

HI Velda,Many times I go to the public library and take home books on Acadians. I have also been sent some by some friends from Connecticut and Louisiana to whom I am grateful. I just saw your site ,very nice Velda. How do you add the the other blogs you visit? How do you find them?
I would love to add some on my blog .

Velda said...

Hi Alene,

I use google reader, log into google reader with the same info as you login to can add any subscriptions there for any blogs you find. If you add alot of genealogy blogs, it will then show you suggestions for more are a few of my faves: