Friday, October 26, 2007

Regarding P'tit Francois, we are going to be treated with something great on my acadian-roots website. I told you that I have added the stories of P'tit Francois des bois in my website, well guess what? we are in for another great treat, P'tit Francois himself is going to do the translation to english very soon. So I will hold off on adding new stories until he does the translation for us. That way, he tells the story in his own way. I can hardly wait to read what he writes. He has offered to do this and I am very pleased. So keep checking , the next story should be translated by him. I shall add a note saying it is so on the page. Something to look forward to huh?

Now you must be wondering what that photo is, well that horseshoe with the eagle at the top and cup in the middle was made for the Moncton Hawks by my grandfather David Williams. I have one like it here. My grandfather worked in the foundry and in his spare time he made things to sell, crucifix, statues, ashtrays etc. There is also one of his ashtrays he made for the Moncton Hawks hockey team, probably the same time as he made the horseshoe. The Horseshoe above and ashtray is in the Moncton Museum. I wanted to go to see for myself, and yesterday I did. But I do not know if they know that it was my grandfather who made these articles. It was my first time in the Museum, and they had a section on Moncton's history. They have a cross that sat on the altar in the Memramcook church in the late 1790s I think and the church burnt, I did not read up on this , I just read it fast and took a photo which I will share with you another day.

Thanks for stopping by, and remember to drop in and read P'tit Francois des bois's stories, they are funny.

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