Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hmm, do I look as if I am having a bad day? grin. Well this was taken when I met Michele for the first time. I was showing her where there were marriages indexed. In an earlier blog I showed you a photo of us at a different area. Well now you see another part of the C'Entre D'Etude Acadienne. I would really encourage any of you researching your acadian roots to drop in to the CEA, you will be amazed at how much stuff there is .
On another note, I am in the process of making some genealogy DVD's for some friends for Christmas. So I have been gathering photos and information to add .
I am doing the Leger family. I was going to do it in book form but decided on the DVD, I will be making 3 or 4 copies. I think that would be a lovely christmas gift.
I am also doing a book for someone and that book is nearly finished, I am proud of the book. If any of you are fresh out of ideas on what to buy for Christmas, why don't you give them a bit of history . I am certain some folks would really love that. There are folks who cannot be bothered in researching ,but that doesn't mean they would not appreciate the end results.
Speaking of Christmas, I know that the meaning of Christmas is not gift giving, but we in our genealogy group are going to exchange gifts this christmas, I think it is a great idea, not because we are getting gifts, but because we are giving gifts to others. We do not know any personal stuff about our group, some could be spending christmas alone, some may have no one. So a parcel arriving in the mail to maybe one of those people would bring a smile to their face for a little while.
So far we are 14 who have signed up, the deadline for joining is the end of October.
I remember a nurse in one of my groups telling me that every christmas eve, she goes out late at night and puts a little gift on her neighbors doorsteps, they don't have a clue who its from and she feels so good about doing this.
And every christmas when my husband was alive, we used to buy a gift for a boy and a gift for a girl and deliver it to the community for the less fortunate. I felt good about doing this, because I have two grandchildren and they always had a nice christmas so a little extra gift to the poor felt good.
Thank you for listening, thank you for stopping by, I do hope you will come see me again.

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