Thursday, October 18, 2007

Did you know that in our old newspapers can be found little tidbits? I have been jotting some down when I go to the genealogy center. Here is one regarding a Mister Augustin Brideau from Saint Louis Kent County in New Brunswick. It is written in french, so I shall post the french and then translate.
Evangeline Paper, November 17 1927.
Saint Louis
M.Augustin Brideau vient d'acheter le moulin a carde, ainsi que la propriete de M.Pierre Thibodeau. Celui ci doit partir prochainment pour les Etats.Comme M.Brideau doit cette hiver haler le moulin sur sa propriete au centre du village St.Louis, la maison sera vendu .
Mister Augustin Brideau recently bought the lumber mill plus the property of Mister Pierre Thibodeau. This man must leave shortly for the United States. So this winter Mister Brideau must haul the mill on his property in the center of the village of St.Louis, the house will be sold.
written November 7 1927.
Now to you this may not be interesting but for descendants of Mister Brideau it would be very nice to be able to read about their ancestor's daily life.
I also was digging in my papers and come across an article posted in the newspaper with several tidbits. I shall be adding them to my Did You Know page on my website at .
I have not finished my 1891 census for Cocagne, Notre Dame, Grand Digue yet, I haven't gone back to the genealogy center so I must get busy with that soon.
On a lighter note, I have received a second email from my grandson who is only 11 years of age. And this really makes me feel good. Today I replied asking him what he is wearing this halloween. He told me his sister doesn't plan on going out, maybe she will stay home and give the treats.
I remember when Halloween was safe. We used to dress up in old clothes, with a half mask (not a full one) and take a pillow case and by the time we got home the pillowcase was nearly full. Sometimes it was cold or raining but we didn't care , it was oh lets go here, and here is an apartment we can do lots of places inside. grin.
Those were the good old days ,were they not?
Have a great day.

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