Saturday, October 27, 2007

Can you imagine going back in time and seeing our acadian ancestors? How would they be dressed? Well the photo on the left is one I took at the Moncton Museum,with the permission to do so, and this was noted to be similar clothing worn by our ancestors. Now if you look back at some of my first blogs, you will see a photo of my great grandmother and she wore long dresses in the early 1900s. If you go to my photo gallery on my website at you will also see the outfits of different photos. I read somewhere that women used to cover their face with stove ash to prevent mosquito bites. I bet back then, many of our ancestors suffered lots of musquito and little black flies (bite em no see em). Today we have bug repellents, back then they had to try to find a solution on how to prevent them from biting. Just thinking about it, makes me glad that I am in this century. I don't know if I told you the story about my mother and her two brothers , her youngest brother was always getting into trouble, one day the three of them were walking along a wooden path, looking for berries. When Mom's youngest brother saw a bees nest , before Mom had time to say don't touch it, he took a stick and poked the nest, well you can imagine what happened next, Mom said "We ran for our lives".
Now back to the photo, notice the crucifix on the wall? Well that crucifix once was on the altar of the Memramcook church way back in the late 1790s according to the note below it. As you know Memramcook is the oldest village in New Brunswick. It was called the cradle of Acadie. Many of us have ancestors that were there at one time or another. So perhaps some of our ancestors viewed that crucifix many times when they attended church. Speaking of church, how many of you remember kneeling all together at home to say the rosary? Our ancestors did that too.
Hope you enjoyed today's blog, thank you so much for coming by. Have a great day.
Oh and in closing I want to say Hi Eve, Hi Cindy and Hi Sara, I know you are here.

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