Saturday, October 06, 2007

Hello everyone, nice to see you. Well as you can see , I have returned to the Centre D'Etude Acadienne for more genealogy and more digging. And I also went to meet Michele and Lucie. I had met Lucie a few days earlier, and Friday I arrived very early . I told the lady at the desk that I was meeting Michele that morning, to let her know that I was on the microfilms. I did not have to wait long because Michele was right behind me.And Lucie not long behind us.
It is so nice meeting someone that we chat with on a daily basis in person.
You will notice all the drawers behind us in the photo. Those drawers contains cards of all kinds of interesting information, for instance one drawer has a list on what they have for parish records, censuses, and much much more. On the other wall , there are similar drawers with cards with surnames and names of various people who are listed in the parish registers.
Further along the same wall are books of censuses, parish records, Stephen White's books ,Placide Gaudet's books, Adrien Bergerons' books, Tanguay, Bona Arsenault and much more. So if you ever get down to Moncton and go there , you can go for years and years and never see all their stuff. I am still amazed at finding things I did not know existed.
I have begun another census, I thought I had it all done but come to find out, there are three other parts of that census to do yet. So I will try and go a section at a time. Why am I doing this? Well I do know many of you are unable to get down here, or maybe unable to access the censuses through your libraries so this is my way of helping you find your ancestors,which I feel is so important to know and to pass down to your descendants. Maybe this is our purpose in life?
So thank you for listening and do have a great day. And Lucie and Michele it was nice seeing you and thank you for posing with me.

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