Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I fought the law and the law won, grin. Well as you know I have moved to another house, well I thought all was going to be fine and I was going to be at peace. So a few days ago, we tied our old dog in the back and went to the hardware store. We were gone maybe an hour or so, when we returned , the dog was not at the same place we had tied him. So we figured someone had moved him. Not so.We entered the house and about five minutes later, two police cruisers pulled into our yard. Gulp. Now what? The first officer knocked on the door and he said, do you have a dog name Shadow? Yes I replied, well he said he got loose and someone phoned to tell us they knocked on your door to which there was no reply , they were worried. Well we do not know a soul around here except our new neighbor. Anyway apparently Shadow got loose, decided to go for a walk, the neighbor caught him, and tied him up again. He barely went away when Shadow again got loose and up the road he went, A truck stopped and was ready to take him to the pound, but the neighbor stopped him. So they phoned the police, who phoned the animal hospital regarding shadow. So we told the police all was well, Shadow was safe and sound. What will happen next? Stayed tuned for the soap opera Days of Aline's life. smile.
On another note, I have added the Shediac Parish 1861 census to my website at , Shediac Parish Census included, Barachois, Aboujagane, Tidish, St.Andre, Shediac River all in Westmorland County New Brunswick. I hope some of you can find some of your ancestors.
Friday I am going to the genealogy center to meet another one of my group members, last week Maria came down from Connecticut, it was nice seeing her. I saw Lucie last Monday and will be seeing her along with Michele on Friday Morning, and I will probably see what else I can add to my website.
Take you for stopping by, have a great day.

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