Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lobsters. mmmmm. Such a delicacy. The following is an exhert from my book I received for free. This is about our acadian ancestors. The book is Acadia of the Maritmes and this chapter was researched by Ronnie Gilles LeBlanc and Bernard V LeBlanc. " The lobsters were found in abundance along coastlines inhabited by Acadians. Over the years they have been used for consumption and fertilizer. In the early years lobsters could be found at a low tide in the crevases of the rocks. or they could be caught in a dip net from a dug out canoe. This was how the fishing was conducted until the turn of the century at which time the lobster trap was introduced. From that time on ,sailboats became necessary in order to carry all their traps which were attached to ropes and were deposited 80 or 100 at a time on the bottom of the ocean, ater came the introduction of faster motorboats ,the number of traps per line was reduced.In the fall the lobster and cod fishing came to a close they then fished for smelt, eel and salmon.
My late husband once told me that long ago boats sailed up the Petitcodiac River to Moncton and he remembers going to the wharf and getting all the lobster bodies he wanted. This was at the time that everyone was having a hard time, they called it" Time of Depression". When I was first introduced to eating lobster, I watched my husband eat the bodies and the paste and I thought Yuck, I will never eat that. One day he said just try it Aline. So I did, I used to only eat the claws and tail, but found that inside the body there was lots of meat, and the paste was delicious. Am I making you hungry? smile.
So our ancestors used to dig for clams, eat lobster, scallops, quahawgs, mussels, and all kids of fish. I remember when I was growing up, Friday was fish day, we were not allowed to eat meat and that went on for many years. My favorite fish are trout, sole, smelts (in the winter),salmon. My favorite shellfish is lobster, scallop, clams, quahawgs.
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