Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Time is slowly creeping by, soon spring will arrive , the tulips will pop out of the ground,BUT not now, our weather man is calling for fifteen centimetres of snow, we are having what they call a northesterner. So for now I will only dream of the tulips and the crocus. According to the groundhog, we are suppose to have six more weeks of winter. I think he is right. grin.
For the ones who haven't made their reservations for the Acadian World gathering in Caraquet, and surrounding areas, some of the hotels and motels are already all booked. Do not wait too long. If you cannot find accomodations close by, try Bathurst .
Do you have children who like to read? I have added some children books on my website ,and I am trying to add some that are Acadian related, they are not all Acadian related but some of the stories are set in the times of the Acadians, some are fiction but if you read the stories it has things that could have been possible. Such as a Mister LeBlanc had to leave his home and, this little girl befriends a little Acadian girl who is a LeBlanc. I think these stories would be nice to give our children or grandchildren to read. I keep on looking for more such books to add to my book corner. But the books I love most of all are the ones I wrote for my grandchildren. One I made into a book on my Mom and her two brother's adventures, of course my Mom gave me all the stories and I wrote them.
One of the stories was that Mom and her two brothers went fishing, and my grandmother made a fishing net and gave it to the younger brother, who had a cripple arm and when they went fishing Mom and the older brother fished at one end and the younger one decided to go further down river, and all of sudden they looked up and he was coming towards them with a really big fish caught in the net. And another time, Mom said they went picking berries and the youngest one who was always getting into trouble was carrying a stick and he saw something on the ground and before Mom could say Don't touch it. He poked it and it was a bee hive so they ran for their lives. I made it so that it would be interesting to read.
That book is in my grandaughter's possession, for my grandson, I wrote two books, one was about his Papa, his late grandfather. So he would not be forgotten. I wrote about him being little and he wore thick glasses and they boys would call him four eyes, and when his younger brother heard them tease him, he ran after them. And I also mentioned in the book how much Papa loved him and his sister. The third book I wrote was about Fluffy their pet, and I was talking as if I were Fluffy, that I had been a happy dog and now I was in doggy heaven and I seen Papa and another dog that I knew. I added photos of the dog in the book. My grandchildren have both saved those books. These are really what we should write about. It would be just like history books, but it would be history books that are personal. Even if you don't have children, write them down for your nieces ,nephews, or for whoever you think would appreciate them. Now is the time if you have parents grandparents aunts and uncles, ask them questions, write down what they say.As I said before, once they are gone, so are their memories. I would love to have been able to sit and talk with my grandmother, because Mom said she had a really good memory.
My dad's side , I don't have many stories because Dad did not have a good memory, and the grandparents were gone by the time I got interested in genealogy. But dad told me one story once, that when he was really young, he had his father's truck and was going down Main Street and lost control of the truck and landed through the window at Woolworths right among some Kewpie dolls. grin. Do you remember what Kewpie dolls were? I seem to remember seeing some at a circus long ago.
Well I hope you enjoyed today's blog. It pleases me to remember things and to share them with all of you. I hope you will stop by again.
Have a great day, stay safe

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