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The destruction of Sainte Anne Village today Fredericton New Brunswick in 1759 was a terrible thing for all the villagers . The following is part of a letter written from Fort Frederick,St John's Via Boston, from the SHRSJ booklet that I have.
April 2 1759.:
The fifth of March, Lieutenant Hazen of the Rangers came in from a scout of fifteen days with a party of sixteen Rangers, up the River St John's, he brought in with him six French scalps and six prisoners. Lieutenant Hazen reports that he had been up to St.Anne's which is 140 miles up this river from Fort Frederick, where it was expected he would have found a strong garrison of the enemy,but on his arrival he found the town evacuated which he set fire to, burnt a large Mass house with a bell of about 300 pounds, a large store house and many valuable buildings amounting in the whole to 147, to-gether with a large quantity of hay, wheat, oats etc. killing 21 horses about 56 heads of cattle, a large number of hogs etc, and that he took the prisoners and scalps with eleven of his party on his return near Grimross, and that the inhabitants of St.Anne's are chiefly gone to Canada, the remainder scattered in the woods. He was pursued by thirty or forty of the enemy but not overtaken and that he found a large new schooner up the river which was taken lately from Capt.Grow, he bought one horse with him to Fort Frederick where he arrived in good health without the loss of one man/
As to what Acadians were in Sainte Anne de Pays Bas in 1759, I do know that in 1739 the census taken by Jean Pierre Danielou (priest) mentions the families of Pierre Bellefeuille, Louis Bellefontaine, widow Angelique Bellefontaine, her son Bonaventure, her son in law Michel Saindon and family,Pierre Laforest, Rene Valcour,Charles Boisjoli,Jean Laforest, Francois Roy his family ,and son Francois and his fiance,Barthelemy Bergeron, St Aubin,Augustin St Aubin, Jean Dugas, Beausejour Joseph, Michel st Aubin, his mother and their children.So this was twenty years before the massacre, in twenty years more children would have been born or grandchildren etc.
The SHRSJ, (River St John Historical Society) is planning an event in Fredericton New Brunswick to commemorate the massacre by Hazen and this event will be held the same time as our Bergeron-Damboise reunion July 18/19 2009. The more descendants that attend this event held by the SHRSJ the better it will be. They are hoping to have the location of the old St Anne des Pays Bas church, rectory and cemetery declared a historical site. I do not know their schedule . I think they have something planned for our Bergeron-Damboise reunion, and we have a hall for the second day. If you have any Bergeron-Damboise somewhere among your ancestors and you would like to attend our reunion, the Bergeron Association is asking for a twenty dollar fee each adult to have with the cost of the reunion. You can join our Bergeron-Damboise group at
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