Sunday, February 15, 2009

In the old acadian houses there were chairs. They were wooden chairs made by our acadian ancestors.The following exherts and photo are from an article by Dr Ivan H Crowell in the Societe Historique acadienne book." One of the needs in the homes of our early settlers was chairs. The Acadians built chairs with the same simple tools that they used in building their houses. Where they got their designs is not known ,but it is suspected that they might have come from ecclesiastical sources in their homeland. These skilful pioneer recalling what they had seen, built chairs which over the years had developed certain variations, yet has remained a distinct style.Four variations of the Acadian style are recognized . In the first two, the parts are made by simple edged tools such as the axe, draw knife and spoke shave.It is very easy to see the marks of these simple tools on chairs in these groups.In the Acadian chair there are no nails, or screws or glue holding them together, they are held by pegs. The early Acadians used two to four kinds of wood in their chair, Birch,Maple,Pine and Ash were the most popular.The Acadian Chairs were painted red or green or not painted at all.
Now changing the subject a bit, I am not sure if I mentioned this before, but what did our ancestor do when they were sick? How did they treat their illnesses? Well I have added a page on my website at called Old Remedies , I hope you will check it out. I know there are many more old remedies and later on I may add more of them.
Today we went to my Mom's place, picked up a Tim Horton coffee and took it over, Mom enjoyed it. I had also made some Banana Bread and brought over a loaf. She was in good spirits today and feeling better. I felt better when I left knowing she was ok.
All is well at our genealogy group room, we are now trying to organize a meeting at the Congres Mondial in August, which would be very nice. I do hope you have made your accomodations if you plan on staying the night, because the accomodations are getting harder to find, I believe the closest places are now Miramichi and Bathurst. I am anxious to go and attend various reunions and also I want to attend the Louisiana reunion on the 21st of August in Tracadie-Sheila. I was told if we go we might be given some Mardi Gras beads.
I am looking for a two room tent for our stay there, we have a one room tent, but we find it is too small. So we have plenty of time to shop for a bigger one.
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Well thank you for the lovely visit, hello to cousin Eve .
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