Friday, February 20, 2009

Snow snow go away ,and come back another day? Well yesterday we had that white stuff again. We stayed home, and were nice and comfy in a nice warm place. Around 1030 pm, the phone rings. "Hello, this is the superintendant, the snowplow is on his way, can you move your car?" Well, I was not really in a mood to go out in this weather, but we both donned our boots,coats, and gloves and out to the car we went. Well the car was covered with snow, so we first had to clean the car. And the street plow had gone by and made a big snow bank, right behind our car. Grrrrr. There is no way that my little saturn would go through that pile of snow. We had no shovel, so I went in back of the car and started kicking the snow with my feet. Didn't I hit a patch of ice beneath the snow, my feet went in the air and my backside to the ground. Oh winter is soooooooo much fun. My ego was hurt, there were people getting their cars cleaned out , to move them, around me. OH what will they think of me? How embarassing,Aline fell down . I thought , I won't let it get the best of me, so I proudly got up, took a few gulps and then I said, "It happens". But the car was still not out onto the road, so George was behind the wheel, and I said Ok, I will push the car. So to the front of the car I went. I can do it, I said to myself. Puff, Puff, Push, Push. Another patch of ice, oh no! Down I go again. 'This was getting to be a habit". Where are those little boys who used to come shovel us out for one dollar??? No one around. But someone must like me , because all of a sudden our neighbors came to the rescue, and they pushed my car through the snow bank and into the road. What a relief!. Well you must know where we went while we were waiting to have the yard cleared . Yes you are correct. Tim Hortons here we come.
Changing the subject, I had been looking for the death of my great grandmother for a long time and I could not find her, she is not listed in the parish records. Finally I got a break and found her listed under Rosie and not Rose ,in the provincial archives, and Mom told me that when she died my grandmother just had a baby and could not go to the funeral, but she got out of bed when she was not suppose to, and watched the hearse go past her house, she said I cannot go to the funeral but I will see Mom go by. I checked Mom's story, and she was absolutely correct, Rose died December 4, my aunt was born Dec 6 and Rose was buried Dec.7. I received the death records for Rose, she died at the age of 67 of pneumonia. They say 'things comes to those who wait" ,well that is correct, it took me close to thirty years to find the death of my great grandfather but I finally did.
I am working on my website, and helping organize our Bergeron-Damboise Reunion, and moving . We are moving two doors down from my Mom, that will be a good thing, if she needs us we will be close by. She is doing pretty good, she told me it doesnt hurt as much when she moves around.
Well I do hope you enjoyed my blog. Please stop by again.Thank you.
Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aline,
I have just finished reading your blogs. Very interesting, and I enjoy them very much. Glad you did not hurt yourself when you fell. It has been a hard winter, with ten storms so far this past winter season. We will be all happy to see spring arrive this year.
Take care............

alineskee said...

Effie , they are calling for another one, sure hope they are wrong, the only thing hurt was my pride, grin.