Saturday, November 01, 2008

Hello everyone, so nice of you to stop by. I wanted to let you kn0w, that the reason I have not blogged lately is because I am in the process of moving.( you must know all about moving). Pack this, put that there. Remember this. Carry this tote over, forget where you put the tape and the string. grin.
Today, I bought a new computer chair for myself, and I sat on the floor a good hour or more trying to put it together. The diagam had pictures with screws ,their sizes, and that was it. I had to figure which way to get it together. BUT , yes finally Ihave it all done. Not sure how tight I put the screws, so if I come on and say I cannot sit still for long, you will know my chair let go. haha.
I think we will be moving all my big furniture next week, maybe on Tuesday. We have a sitter for the dog ,so we can set all our place up, then take him for his grooming and take him home.
I come and check my genealogy group every day to make sure everything is ok. I also bought two more christmas toys today for our Christmas Toy drive. I got a set of hot wheels for a boy. And a Ken doll for a girl.
Also next week my Mom will make our christmas gift exchange draw, so we can begin buying and posting.
Anyway, please don't think I am not blogging, I will get back to normal soon. (I hope).
Stay safe and have a great day

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Velda said...

I hope your move goes well!