Thursday, November 13, 2008

There is a saying that money is the root of all evils. Well that is not true all the time because many of my members of my acadianrootsclub genealogy group have opened their hearts and have donated for our Christmas Toy Drive. It was my first try and doing this and it is amazing how many responded. This year we have all agreed to donate the toys to our hospitals. Next year if we do this again, we shall choose another location to donate to in another part of the countries.
I was going to gift wrap the toys but there are so many toys that I won't be able to do so alone, and the hospital have volunteered to do so. We are giving our toys anonymously, except they will know what locations they come from. I will present them on behalf of our genealogy group. They told me , maybe I will be able to take a few photos of Santa giving some of the toys, so I can share with our group and possibly with you. They are to let me know when their Christmas Party will be held.
On another note, a few days ago, we went to Prince Edward Island, while we were there, we went to the Miscouche Genealogy Center, it was my first time there . Before we left I asked my group if anyone wanted a lookup while I was there, and one gentleman asked me to verify what he had . Arriving there ,the lady was very nice, she welcomed us and took me to the genealogy center. There was a man sitting there doing research and she introduced us , his name was Earl and he helped me verify my info. A very interesting gentleman and very helpful. Arriving at a place for the first time can be somewhat confusing since we do not have a clue where to look . I bought a CD of the musical group Barachois and a map of Acadie ,all in all I was very pleased of what we found and what I bought.
But so far the best research to be found in my opinion is at the centre d'etude acadienne in Moncton, don't get me wrong, Miscouche has lots of information, and I want to return again. The centre d'etude covers more territories, they have records from PEI, Nova Scotia,Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario,and much more ,they have various newspapers,etc. I go there and there is always something that I did not know was there appears. I went to the Centre D'etude yesterday, and in about one half hour , I found an obit, a birth record, and a marriage I was looking for ,to help someone with their research. The staff there are so very helpful as was Earl from Miscouche.
The weather is calling for rain tomorrow, that is when we go pick up Thunder from the dog sitter and take him for his grooming before he comes to his new home. He is going to find his new home very small, compared to where he is not and where he was before. I bought him a new pet bed, some treats to go with it.
I also want to let you know, that P'tit Francois may be earlier than before, I believe I read in the paper that they would be delivering the paper on Thursdays instead of Saturday. So am going to check today, if so, I will be adding P'tit Francois on my webpage at earlier.
Thank you for the lovely visit, do come again.
Have a great day

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