Saturday, November 22, 2008

Genealogy has good moments along with some frustrating ones. For instance the toys you see here on the left would not be going to a Christmas Party at the hospital for sick children, had it not been for some members of my genealogy group and some of my friends. Yesterday I gathered them up and loaded two plastic totes and a large blue bag (full of the stuffed toys). And George and I took them to the hospital ,to the pediatric ward for the staff to wrap them in time for their Christmas party. Mrs LeBlanc who accepted them, was very pleased with them. Now Santa will be giving the toys at their party. It does make a person feel good to do good deeds if and when they can do so.

Changing the subject, I want to share a bit of my genealogy with you. For years I have been trying to find my Abraham Chase married to Marie Rose Girouard's parents in England,Abraham Chase and Nanette Rose. Well one day i was looking at land grants and lo and behold there was my Abraham Chase who bought some land around Cap Lumiere.But he was listed as Abraham CHATE not Chase. So I began looking for Abraham Chate son of Abraham and Nanette and found him born 1797 in Deptford England son of Abraham and Ann. Nanette could be a nickname for Ann. So last week a lady contacted me, she lives in Sussex England and she branches into the line way back. Yesterday she said me a copy of a will of a John Cheate who is the first ancestor they traced born in the late 1500s . And another man from Australia I believe sent me his gedcom of the Chates and apparently they have been looking to see what happened to the Abraham line. So as you can see this is exciting. I have a Martha Jackson, an Agnes Boniface, a Mary Ellyott among my english ancestors. The lady in Sussex is going to look some more for me to see if she can find more on Abraham and Ann. Abraham was born in Cuckfield Sussex England in 1768. Am eagerly waiting for more news. Oh yes the internet sure can come in handy .

Today we are in the middle of a big storm, we are expection 30 cm of the white stuff. I took Thunder outdoors and had to walk to snow up to my knees already. Let me tell you, I don't want to go out too often today. grin. My car is snowed in, so I will have to wait until the plow clears the driveway and the roads get better before venturing out in the car.

I hope everyone will stay safe in this stormy weather. Please drive safely if you venture on the highways, spots can be slippery and you need to watch the rest of the traffic too.

Have a great day, thanks for the visit.



Velda said...

What a beautiful thing you and your members and friends are doing for those children :)

I'm so glad that you fell upon the alternate/correct spelling, doesn't it make things so much easier lol...I am still convinced I have 2 relatives whose names aren't quite spelled correctly.

No snow here, well, just a dusting..I'm sure it's coming soon. Stay safe and warm

alineskee said...

Hello Velda, yes name changes can be difficult to find. My great grandfather was born a Bristol and married under Williams. Can you believe it? I was working backwards from Williams and then through notes at the genealogy center found that they were one and the same person.