Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hello everyone. Well it has been a while since I last blogged, but as you know I have been moving, so I have a good excuse huh? Last Sunday after moving about a million plastic totes, boxes ,and anything else we could carry, we went on Kijji which is a classified place and we saw this add Cube Van, will move anything, well we decided to phone them, did they have any openings available that day? Yes the man replied, we can be there for six pm. Great ,I said, we will be waiting. So George and I moved all my furniture in the front room, they phoned ,they were going to be an hour late,so I said " Do we have time to go for a hamburger?' Yes he replied, so we went to a restaurant, then went back and waited for them. I thought to myself, gee they are going to charge me a lot to move, he said 60 dollars an hour, oh boy, it's gonna be expensive. Anyway I was so very wrong. These two young men came over, and they did not waste any time at all, in one and a half hour , they had moved all my furniture to my new place. He said that will be 90 dollars. I was some pleased and said I was going to say a good word for them, but I am going to say two good words, They were very very good. grin. If you are in or near Moncton and need a mover, they even will take stuff to the dump, just look on Kijji for a Cube Van article.
Once in my new apartment, the problem wasn't over. Too much furniture for so little a place. I stored a few things in a cubby hole and began organizing ,where should this go, do I have room for this? Ok this tote is empty, I don't want to throw it away, grin. Oh there is a place in the hall that is ideal. Great.
Now I have one more tote to unpack, it contains my bell collection, so once they are unpacked, there will be more room. I hung my pictures on the wall, and my special painting from my friend from Scotland who recently passed away is on the wall over my sofa. I am trying to find a place for a painting from my cousin, and I have hung my hummingbird chimes near my backdoor. I have most of my kitchen cows in place.
I am now waiting to have my internet connections done, I am in a hot spot zone at the moment with my notebook, I am anxious to add my p"tit francois on my webpage, I will have two to do, since saturday is just a few days away.
I would like to add, speaking of P'tit Francois, that he has a little contest going ,the Etoile paper where his weekly stories come out is having a little contest, they are giving a few gift certificates worth around 40 dollars each from Irvings, so if you want to enter, send your name and address to , you can say you read about it on my acadian-roots blog. The contest closes November 12.
Good luck. Thank you for stopping by, and remember to read his little stories on my website at
Have a great day


Velda said...

Happy to see you! Glad to hear your move went very well, it's sometimes hard to find such good workers. Hurry back!!

alineskee said...

Hi Velda, will do, internet and phone delayed another day. grrr.
Hopefully tomorrow it will be connected.