Monday, October 27, 2008

Our trip to Prince Edward Island last saturday was a great experience for us. We were invited to go to a concert which was really a Pumpkin Festival held in a french school in Summerside. Arriving there, we sat in the front row. The first band to appear was the Chaissons from near Souris PEI, they were very entertaining, and kept the entire room clapping . Then the next band were called Siroit, they were part of the band or some who once were with the band, you can see the video above, and remember I am not a good video taker but this gives you an idea what it was like. The people danced to the music, and even did the congo around the room. We all enjoyed this so very much. The bands played Acadian music and Irish music, and could they ever play their fiddles. One part two from the Siroit band played the fiddles, and if you remember the song ,the devil went down to Georgia, then you remember the fiddle playing, well it was like that. They received a standing ovation from the crowd. And JayJay from the Chaisson band really played his fiddle some good.

We also went for a drive on the Island, and I took a few more photos . We came home today to nice sunny weather. Tonight it is raining . It is a night to just sit and relax and have a nice hot cuppa coffee. This blog is not very long, but I do hope you enjoy reading it anyway.

Until next time, thanks for the visit and please stop by again. You never never know what I will come up with next. grin.

Have a great day


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