Monday, November 17, 2008

Did you ever hear of Painsec, or Malikoff in New Brunswick? And did you know that Dorchester Crossing was once known as Village des Legers? It was changed when they built the railroad. Last night I took my new book Scoudouc by Paul Belliveau to the bingo with me, to read during the break. One of the sellers of the bingo cards, noticed the book, he said my father came from Scoudouc do you have his name there? Well, it is really hard to go through so many pages. grin. But I looked anyway. Did not have time to finish because the caller started calling the numbers, he had called three numbers before I noticed , I was too interested in the book. I noticed in the book some names of some centenarians, which I am going to see if I can find their obits to add to my website at .
Translation of the book cover is Scoudouc 100 and 200th anniversaries. There are over 700 marriages at the back of the book.
Getting back to Painsec and Malikoff, if you had ancestors in these areas, check out the Scoudouc registers, and as I said the marriages in the back of this book , the first one listed is in 1852, the last one is 2007. If you are interested in the book, check out my previous blog and contact Paul Belliveau.
I am not trying to push the book, but I have it, and I recommend it.
Changing the subject, time is getting closer to the CMA2009. Now it is getting exciting, the plans will be made, the reunions picked, and the meeting one another next year. And our Bergeron dit Damboise reunion in Fredericton next July should be exciting too. Lots of excitement coming in 2009.
That's it for today, gotta go run errands.
Have a great day and thanks for the visit.

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