Thursday, October 02, 2008

Bloomers!!! What would you think Bloomers were? No the ones I am talking about were not flowers, but they could have been made from Flour Bags. Would any of you remember the heavy white flour bags? Well my Mom told me that her mother used to wash the white flour bags and make clothing with them. And Mom said , my grandmother made BLOOMERS for the girls. Have you guessed yet? Mom said sometimes hers would have printed words or the name of the flour company but you would not see the writing unless she would lean over. grin. Now you guessed it, Bloomers were underpants. I am sure Mom must have made me wear them at one time or another because I remember wearing some underclothes with lastic around the legs. I don't think my grandaughter would be caught wearing Bloomers today. But at that time it was the way of living, and staying warm I guess.
The other day in our Chat n Brag room we were discussing those long brown stockings I think I already talked about that, but yesterday Mom and I were talking about the things she saved. When I got married, she gave me my little baby sweater set, it was sort of a peach color, maybe it was because it was old, but it was sweater, a bonnet and stockings. The stockings were knitted right to above the knees and the set was knitted with wool. So it must have kept me very warm. So I in turn gave my sweater set to my grandaughter, and at the moment my daughter in law has a Jessica Doll wearing my sweater set. Mom also had a baby christening set that she wore on my oldest sister born in 1935 and the set was worn by all of us kids and most of Mom's grandchildren. Now she has given the set to my oldest sister which is very appropriate, since she was the first one christened in it.
And yesterday, my Mom gave my son, something she had for a long time, it was an empty shell from the second world war. My son's eyes lit up when he saw it, he said Yep I'm keeping this. So as you can see, my Mom saved things, she saved a lot of my old valentines, she saved my first birthday card in 1943 at age one. I have it now, she saved our school report cards, I have mine. And I have saved things, I saved some of my grandchildren's favorite toys, I had saved my son's report cards and gave them to him. I have much more saved, but it has been in my trunk since I got married and that was many years ago. I have some odd cups and saucers that I received on my wedding day , oh and I also have something my Mom gave me long ago, it is two granite pie plates that she had when she was newly married.
So I guess I take after my Mom, now I am hunting for Old photos to save and share of my ancestors or the places they lived .
Now I hope I did not bore you today, seems as if there was a lot of "I' "me".Grin.
I have received another gift certificat for our Toy Drive today so it will be off to Walmart to shop for more Christmas Toys.
Thank you for the lovely visit, hope to see you again
Have a great day


Velda said...

I knew exactly what bloomers were, altho I never wore them :) I, too, have kept some things that I will pass down to my children. My mother passed on a few older things from her before her passing which I will also pass down when the time comes. The main reason I started genealogy was to preserve anything I could to pass on to my children in the hopes that they would pass them on to theirs.

alineskee said...

Velda, you are thinking along the same lines as I am. I had a letter I had written to Mom when I was only ten , I was at a summer camp, well you should have seen the way I spelled, grin, anyway I have given this letter to my grandaughter to keep, she put it away. If everyone would think like you do, they would realize how very important saving and passing down to their children and grandchildren would be.