Sunday, October 05, 2008

Christmas Toys. Why did I add this photo of toys on my blog you ask? Well I shall tell you why.
IN our genealogy group, this will be our second year we exchange christmas presents among the ones who want to join.
Last year it went very well and this year we are more of us who have joined the exchange.
During the Christmas Season I always feel so bad for the ones who will not be having a good Christmas. Even tho that there are organizations helping out there, there are always some children who do not have the opportunity to get a toy. And some get used toys , that have been fixed. So I did not really think many would agree on having a Toy Drive, but I decided to try anyway. One or Two Toys are better than none at all. One toy makes a child happy for a little while at least. Two Toys is better than one, because now there are two happy children. But I am pleased with the result I have gotten, many are sending me gift cards .
Today I had two cards to buy toys with,so off to Walmart I went. I did not have a clue what I would come home with, but I saw this big dog looking at me. He was probably saying "Buy me, buy me". So I bought him and I saw this black and white dog, he looked like a lazy hazy days of summer dog. Yep I bought him too. Then I saw some story books, the lion king, beauty and the beast and cars all stories that the children will enjoy , a CD comes with the book. So as you can see by the photo, there will be some happy children this Christmas . I know also that the ones who have joined in our Toy Drive are already feeling good, they see the toys that a child or two will be getting from them. If any of you are reading this and asking how do you join? Where do you send the toy? Well on the right side of my blog you will see Christmas Toy Drive or you can go to my website click on the Christmas Url and contact me there.
So far the plan is to take the toys to the hospitals , we have two hospitals and if there are toys left over they will go to the second hospital and if there are still toys left over there are other organizations I can give them to. But things could change , if we find another place that is more in need of the toys we can change our minds. Right now, the goal is to collect the toys first.
Now changing the subject and getting back to genealogy. I am wondering if any of you readers are interested in joining our acadianroots genealogy group and willing to help others. I would love to see some folks with access to Quebec records, to Nova Scotia, Newfoundland,PEI,Maine, Massachussettes, or anywhere that the Acadians settled or French Canadians or Cajuns, as you know, the more united we are the more chances we have of finding our lost ancestors, or finding cousins, or sharing family photos and stories. If a new member joins our group and is looking for someone in Maine USA for instance, if we had someone (can be more than one person) from that area , they might be able to help out,
We have members from parts of Louisiana, from England, and the more researchers we have to help out the better. So if you want to help or if you need help and want to join, you can either contact me by writing Invite in subject line, or by joining my back door group
Once you are in petiteacadienne, I will contact you there and invite you. That group is only used to invite you to acadianroots since I made acadianroots genealogy group by invite only.
Well that is it for today, thanks for the visit. Do come again.
Have a great day

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