Monday, October 20, 2008

Brick Walls are sometimes built very sturdy, and sometimes they just won't fall down. Well I have had a few brick walls and a few days ago, one of them received a big crack in it I have been looking for my Chase line since 1976. One day I stumbled upon a land grant belonging to my Abraham Chase. Abraham Chase came over to Canada from England in he early 1800s, in the census it said he was born in England, and on his marriage record his surname was listed as Kess, Quessy,Chess, and he was listed as a stranger. So the priest probably could not understand his surname. So Abraham had children born under Quessy, Chase, and I even found some of them married under Chess. But no luck finding him in England, I wrote to many people there, this was before I had computer even. Anyway one day I was looking in land grants, and lo and behold, there was a land grant for one Abraham CHATE not Chase but CHATE in Richiboucto. So I searched for an Abraham Chate son of Abraham and Nannette Rose. One day on LDS site I found Abraham born 1797 in Deptford England son of Abraham and Ann. Then I found a brother and a sister of his. I could not find anymore on them in Deptford, I searched and searched, then I received some information that in the Poor Law were a John Chate, wife Martha and sons Abraham,Charles, and John I think in 1770 in Cuckfield Sussex England. I thought that this might be my ancestors but that is not the best of it. I had posted a querry on Genes Reunited mentioning my Abraham and his brother Charles. Last week I got a reply that there was a possible match for me. But I could not contact him via Genes Reunited because I was not a paying member, so I posted on a UK site asking if anyone was a member there , and could they contact this person for me. I got a reply, and they contacted this gentleman who lives in Australia, and he contacted me , and sent me a gedcom of the Chates, but he has little on my Abraham line but has where we connect and the date of birth of Abraham husband of Ann ( Nannette). His uncle traced the Chates to the late 1500s. Isn't that wonderful? Now I can focus my Chate line in the Sussex England area, to see if I can find a death for Abraham and Ann or information on Charles their son born 1795. The internet sure is a blessing at times.
The leaves are really falling from the trees, they are all orange and red and yellow.
Soon they will all dissappear until next spring.
I received more donations for our Christmas Toy Drive, I have two gifts cards to shop with at the moment. I am very pleased with the good response . Pretty soon I shall need an extra room for the toys. grin. I bought some barbie dolls, some little tractors, some books, something for infants, some teddy bears , two stuffed dogs, a little stuffed pony that they can sit on, and much more. Some little boy or girl are going to be so excited come christmas time.
Have a great day, thank you for the visit.


Velda said...

Oh I love when brick walls break down! Bravo!

alineskee said...

So do I, sometimes they sure are built solid, grin. I still have more work to do on this line but now I have more than I had before. It is a good feeling to finally find something new.