Friday, October 17, 2008

Losing a friend is something that is so very hard. Today my blog is about that.
Nine years ago, I met a gentleman, in a genealogy chat room. I later met his family. These folks came from Scotland,a nd for nine years they were my friends. Yesterday I received a call from the lady ,who said that my good friend had passed away on Sunday of a massive heart attack. They were on a trip in Texas visiting relatives when he took the heart attack. Before he left for their trip he told me they were going away to Texas for around a month, and were going to see Niagara Falls. He would let me know when they returned. I wished him a good trip, and waited to hear from him. Usually he would send me offlines to say he was ok. I kept sending offlines to him , I figured when he got to the computer he would have lots to read. I sent my last message to him on Wednesday always no reply at his end. My friend(his wife) telephoned me from Scotland to give me the news. I felt so very bad, but there is something that she said that made me feel so very good. She said at least you have one of his paintings and he never gave many away. He gave one to her, one to his mother and one to me. On mine he wrote my name on one of the boats and my maiden name on another one, and my late husbands name and my son. So I will treasure this painting you see above. My heart goes out to his family, I do know they will miss him so very much as many of his online friends will do.
Harry, rest in peace , I am going to miss you so very much. Jean and girls my sincere sympathy to you, he loved you.


Velda said...

I'm so very sorry for the loss of your friend. What a beautiful painting to treasure.



alineskee said...

Thank you Velda, yes I shall treasure the painting, I had gotten it for my birthday. His signature is on it also.