Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Well the grass is getting green, some flowers are popping through the ground, the buds are starting to come out on the trees. My Mom who will be 90 next week, just returned from the United States, she said all the lilac trees were in bloom. They are not in bloom here yet, I love the smell of lilacs. A lady from Ontario told me she has started her garden. I love a garden, but the only problem with my gardens when I made them , I could not tell a weed from the plant. grin. Planting a garden is hard work, I remember planting a small one right in the city, in my back yard. I had lots of energy back then, and I had planted these Jumbo Jim tomato plants, they were gorgeous, and healthy, I had dug the garden with a shovel, it was some job, and then I got a load of manure, phew and spread it into my soil. My son looked out the door and said to me,"Mom I'm not eating anything from THERE." He was around twelve years of age. But the tomatoes were delicious.Oh and the first time I planted a garden, I was cleaning around my new baby plants and didn't I see a white worm, I think it is a grub or slug, anyway, you should have seen Aline run. Yep, I got scared. grin. Then I did not want to touch those things, so I would pick them up with a stick or shovel and toss them out of the garden. I sure was brave huh? smile.
Well I added another little tidbit in my tragedy page on my site at acadian-roots,
I need to add more from the Chartersville Cemetery (Notre Dame du Calvaire) in Dieppe NB to my site. I just moved and at the moment , not sure what box has the cemetery book. I have also opened a new group in Yahoo called La Petite Acadienne, this group is only going to be another door to get into our acadianrootsclub group which is doing so well. If a person surfs the yahoo groups and come across ours, they cannot join, and it has no way of contacting us TO join, so I created this new group only to have others know where to go to join us. So to all my members of our acadianrootsclub group don't go join there, as I said it will only be to let others know about our great group.
Sunday we went to Fredericton, I was hoping to see a Placque on a tree in the old Acadian Cemetery, we looked on many trees, and inquired , no one knew anything about it. I also checked out Wilmot Park where our Bergeron dit Damboise and Godin reunion will be held next year. It is quite a large park, and near everything. I was impressed. Anyway I emailed a lady yesterday regarding the placque and she told me, it was just a temporary carton one, because Stephane Bergeron was in Fredericton and he descends from the same Bergeron ancestor so the placque is not there anymore. So I was a bit dissappointed. Someone in my Bergeron group talked about some kind of monument, honoring the first familes or Pointe Sainte Anne which would include the Godin, Bergeron, Roy, etc . I think that would be a very nice idea.
If any of you are interested in our Reunion to be held in July 2009 let me know. If you have descend from the Bergeron or Godin lines, it doesnt have to be your paternal line, it can be your maternal lines too, mine is on my maternal line, you qualify.
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