Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cows are out, sheep are in, that's what I was told when I began my kitchen cow hunt, grin. Well I posted on some classified ads for kitchen cow stuff, so last saturday I got a reply someone had some placemats, I asked where, she replied I am at the flea market. So Sunday morning bright and early off we went to the flea market, now I never looked anywhere else, went right up to her table, she had three placemats, but I was not too impressed, but bought them anyway, I won't be using them on my table. Will keep looking, but I walked around the market, and lo and behold I found other cow stuff, I got a sugar ,creamer, toothpick holder, cookie jar. Someone else phoned me she had a clock, so I have that too. So I am going to continue looking for cow placemats and other stuff that would be nice in my kitchen, cow magnets would be nice on the fridge.I am not sure if they made cow cannister sets or not, will keep my eyes open for them also.
Well I just finished another page for my website but have not added it, I am looking for a CD that someone sent me to add what is on the CD to another page so that I can connect them, do you think I can find that CD? nope, still lots of stuff not unpacked yet.
Now that I have redone my photo gallery, I need some old photos of acadian or cajun or french canadian ancestors, be them mine or yours, so if you want to share some of your old ancestors, leave a comment or go to my acadian-roots website and send me a message. A lady had sent me a lot of them ,I had to remove my other gallery so I lost all her photos, I think it is nice to look at old photos just in case someone connects to our lines and we can share photos with one another.
Our group is growing every day, more have joined us, everyone seems very satisfied with our group, they all see how we are all helping each other out. We are as I said before like one big happy family.
Thanks for stopping by, hope you will come again.
Have a great day.

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