Saturday, May 17, 2008

Have you every lived in Moncton New Brunswick in Canada? This is where I was born and I believe I had posted some photos way back at the beginning of my blogs of Main Street in the 60s. Well about a week ago, I received an email from a friend that I correspond with. Our friendship began through her looking at my website, and through me knowing her brother who told me she was also into genealogy. We found out we have ancestors in common. Anyway, last week she sent me some photos taken in 1950s of Moncton , taken from the air with a list of the buildings , so I have added these awesome photos on my Moncton page at , I know the ones of you who live or have lived in Moncton are going to really enjoy seeing the buildings taken by a pilot named Mr. Cunningham .I recognized the Moncton Cathedral in the photo, that is where my grandparents married, and where I was baptized. I do hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did.
I am still working on another page on my website, I will let you know when it is up and running and what is it about. My genealogy group is growing everyday, so if you just surfed in and interested in your acadian/cajun/french canadian roots, go to my site mentioned above and send me an email for an invite from there. As my group is by invite only.
Now I am going to add something here, that you may find funny or odd for me to do. grin. I am looking for Kitchen Cows for my kitchen, need to know if there are any places in Canada that sells Cow Placemats, Cow Stove burner covers, Cow Cannister sets, or anything for the kitchen with cows. I have the soap holder, I have cookie jars, I have a plate and stand. I tried to find Cow stuff here in Moncton, none to be found. I know Cows are out and Sheep are in, But I want cows grin. I know in Florida they sell Cow stuff, but I tried to order and cannot do so.
Leave me a comment if you know where I can find these things, unless I start yard saling and hope to find some there.
Thanks for listening, hello Cousin Eve, Jean n Harry,Sara, Maria,Effie and all of you reading this.
Have a great day.

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