Sunday, May 11, 2008

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you mothers, grandmothers, greatgrandmothers. Today I would like to share something with you. My mother. My mother turned 90 years old. Yesterday we had an open house for her. On the top photo you can see her reading a congratulations from our governor general of Canada. She also received a certificate from Honorable Mr. Chiasson of New Brunswick. The open house went great. Lots of friends, lots of family members came. We took many photos, Mom was so pleased to see so many attend.
Now the photo at the bottom , is something I want to share with you. If you read my past blogs, you will see that I had told you about the movie that I stumbled upon at the University of Moncton, thanks to Regis Brun and Ronnie Gilles LeBlanc. This movie which my Mom later identified the people in it was from an old movie camera, and after we found out who was on the movie, Ronnie Gilles and Regis made us a copy to a DVD. When I had approached Mom, telling her about this movie, she blurted out that they were the only ones with a cow and the cow would come to their bedroom window and Moo, and Mom said you would swear the cow was saying EdMOONDDDDDDDDDD, which was my Dad's name, and Dad would say she's calling me, time to get up. Well yesterday at the party, my brother played the movie for everyone to see on his television, and I decided to try and take a photo, and if you look at the photo on the upper left, that beautiful lady standing there is My MOM, she was around 15 or maybe 16 years old. Wasn't she beautiful? And can you imagine, I see her walking and moving on the DVD? This DVD to me is worth more than all the money in the world.
I wanted to share this with all of you. You never ever know what you will find when you are into genealogy, or family trees, just keep digging and keep looking, I sure hope you will come across something special as I did.
Have a great day everyone, thanks for the visit.

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